• Yes. I took one many years ago when interviewing for a job at a meat packing plant in South Dakota. I think it was the MMIP. (Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory of Personality??) That was about 50 years ago. If I remember the test name or am even close, it's a miracle.
  • Yes, several times. :-) +5
  • Yep my current job does this personality profile thing when people apply, and a couple weeks before I took that one (which was written) I had to take another one for a differnet company which was over the phone. To be honest the phone one was much more annoying. I just didn't have the patience to sit there while the guy read me the same 10 questions asked 10 different ways.
  • Yes, one job I applied for long ago had me take a personality test to see if I was suited for the job. It was right when computers were coming into use, so the whole thing was figured out on a computer.
  • Yep. I've done several online personality tests for jobs. They take forever forever! I hate online applications. They hardly ever call you for an interview. It's sad that it was most businesses are starting to do.
  • I remember one of the questions was "Have you ever had a friend who stole something?", and "Have you ever thought about trying LSD?"'s ridiculous. They'll come up with a million strategies to not hire you. If I answered all the questions honestly, they would've probably called the police on me.
  • never.
  • yes +5
  • well I have taken a job interest placement type test.. But not because a job asked me to
  • I just did and it was a loooong one too.
  • Yes. That was the reason I wasn't hired. I must have had too much of a personality for their "motivated selfless team player mentality requirements".
  • yep a few in my lifetime.
  • Yes, and you better know how to answer the questions correctly, or you will not be hired. For example, they ask you if you have a friend who stole something. You answer yes, even though your friend got in trouble for it, you would NEVER do what he did, and friends are sometimes friends for a very long time despite their downfalls. When you answered YES, you have a friend that stole something, you automatically disqualified yourself for that job because you have now been associated with a thief. The problem with modern day personality profiling is the situational context has been removed from the testing. People respond differently to the same basic senario with different situational context. Example, They didn't ask if you had a friend who stole something, and you disagreed with his actions. They didn't care to ask how you felt about it, just that you KNEW someone who stole something, therefore you MUST be a thief as well. Lead psychologist have gone on record that modern day testing that exist now are inconclusive and not appropriate to determine personality.
  • Yes and it was long. +5

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