• I was abused and a clingy child I imagine - I am a really neat person now
  • I believe so. Looks like some things never change.
  • I was "different" -- always asking tons of questions, precocious, liked some things other kids my age did not, and liked to be around older kids more than kids my own age. Some thought I was strange I am sure. I was bored alot of the time, honestly.
  • Yes, and still am.
  • yeah and im sure they thought i was gonna be gay for the things i
  • Still am. :)
  • Totally I was, as an only child I learned to be alone. Luckily I did get a personality and made friends easily.
  • Still am! I always tested well in school, but was still airheaded. I once got most of the way to school but had to go back home because I forgot my shoes. My family is usually amused by my antics, at least...
  • Eh, I guess. For one, I had a morbid fascination with murderers since I was about 6... I would read books and books about them and their psychology, and watch scary documentaries. I was considered "strange" by my grandparents because all I did was read (gasp!), draw stories about queens and princesses being stolen by "handsome" mustachioed robbers that would treat them violently and fall in love with them, and pretend to be different people whilst I was alone in my room. My synesthesia showed up in the latter -- I remember being three people in particular sometimes, identified by a color and their voice. Pink was a girl, had a high, uh, pink voice; Dark Green had a cucumber colored voice and was heroic, and Light green had a salty voice and was a little silly and easily hurt. I also wrote backwards, but eh...
  • I still am -_-
  • Gosh yes...I walked into the doctor's aged abaout 5 or six, read his degree on the wall and asked "If you are a Bachelor, how come you have a wife and three kids?" Boy did he laugh.
  • I was the only Scot in an all-English boarding school, I wore a kilt to dinner instead of trousers, I had a very different accent and i ate haggis... I’ve always been strange! I used to aggravate my teachers for aggravations sake and not get out of bed on a Monday until second period. I never went to church on Sunday and most of my letters home and the homework I couldn’t really be bothered to do was written in gallic or Latin... oh my English tutor loved that! So, yeah, I was strange!
  • i said hello often to a stranger...when i was little...and if they didnt answer i pulled their sweater or whatever and said louder "i said hello"
  • I'm no longer a child, but I play one at Chuck E Cheese's
  • Not really strange as a child ...but I have developed that skill over the years! LOL
  • Properbly .... but I became less strange as I got older. Surposedly its not cool to be strange.

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