• Well, you didn't say what Knight build you have, but if your VIT is pumped up try the Raydrics of Glast Heim or the Injustices. This is also good for AGI build lvl 80 knights. Yuno/Juno's Magma Dungeon might also be quite entertaining, and the Grand pecos/Drillers in the Juno field drop good items as well. But at such a high level, I think you should REALLY party up and go boss hunting instead of going alone.
  • Vit Knight - try to kill HO & Orc Archer at Aldeb just bring your +10 4xbloody pike, cranial shield and ur Immune muff/mantue, whew cost a lot of zenies in weapon and armors ./swt Agi Knight - raydric is good idea if u use muramasa dont forget ur Holy Water or Pancea =) cursed *stink* ./pif // Fly Wing and White Pots in case of emergency(mobs)

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