• Yeah prolly. Maybe they shouldn't act like such jackasses and there wouldn't be reason to.
  • No. I am as well.
  • i too talk bad about cops
  • I dont talk bad about cops. I like cops and admire the job they do.
  • nope.. every citizen hate bad cop..
  • I only talk bad about cops that are bad. I hold them to a higher standered then regular people and when they break the law or act above it then something should be done about it. I dont group them all together and say just because one is bad they all are.
  • I only have dealings with bad ones, I guess.... They always wanna tell me how to live, beat me up, pepper spray me, point guns at my kids(one was a 2-year old female at the time, REAL dangerous!), drag me away from my job and family, take me to court so I have to pay fines, steal(forfeiture) MY motorcycle and sell it on auction to another cop(for half price), get drunk and start fights in bars(I gotta badge and a gun...I tell 'em I have guns, they get all mad pepper spray beat up, etc), extort businesses, harass women, belittle immigrants...and lately They are ripping off the taxpayes with their absurd "overtime" in my county. The jailers too....
  • no, I am with you! cops are great
  • My dad was a cop, so, try to never say bad things about them. +5
  • I only talk bad about bad cops. Most of them have treated me decently in the past.
  • Yes and no. My brother and two of my closest friends are coppers, here in the UK. I've never had the attitude that all cops are crap and I certainly don't now. Many, hopefully the vast majority, do it because they want to fight crime. There are of course some bad coppers and then some really bad ones. It is important that these bastards are rooted out and held to account. It should never be swept under the carpet. And I know that honest coppers feel the same way. They don't like being tarred with the same brush as the bad ones, in the same way as people from any group don't want to be tarred with the brush of the bad sectors of their group.
  • If you mean,am I, then no, it p's me off too.
  • No, you are not alone. It's becoming annoyingly old. +4
  • Most police officers a good and mean well! just remember that police have no duty to protect you.
  • being a police officer is just another job. they work as a police man for money and a living. i don't view them as heros.I have met bad police personel,and good(my brother)i don't speak bad of them unless they derserve it,i don't praise them because they are just doing their job. when they quit taking money for work then i will also call them heros. i live on the border(mexico)and get paid very well for the job,if they stopped paying i would stop protecting our border. don't try to put police officeres on a pedistal,they are humans doing a job for hire.
  • I don't like it. I think people don't like them because alot of the time they don't do much when there are bad things happening. But really there hands are tied they have to sick to the rule if some got betten up and they know it was this people but there as no prov nothing they can do. +4
  • Everybody talks trash about the Po-lice until they need one. (former osifer);-)
  • Whenever there is someone with extra authority there is a chance that they abuse that authority - that's when they throw the whole institution in a bad light.

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