• Don't even get me started on this excuse for taking away peoples right to do what they want.
  • Yes, it's also in DC, too. Know what is more ironic? (Besides the ban, in general..) The fact that it's being banned in bars... Now, I'm not a smoker-- but what the hell? What's next? Banning alcholic beverages in bars?
  • I find it offensive, I mean we pay the highest taxes, and rates on everything, then we should be able to smoke where we want(certain exceptions!)
  • Not at all. Smoking is harmful to third parties. You should certainly have the right to smoke (i.e. harm yourself), but your rights should end when you start harming others. In fact, this is the principle that all laws are based on. It is called reciprocity.
  • I think the irony is being missed. SMOG!!! Good question.
  • What's really ironic is how when someone uses irony to stress a point, nobody gets the point. If someone specifically stresses or asks about the irony, nobody even sees the irony. Now that's ironic. LA and Houston, and many other places, banning public smoking is as ironic as banning littering at the city dump and almost as massive an irony as banning farting at the sewage treatment plant.
  • Sure. Some of the biggest air polluters in the nation are banning smoking. Well, I guess it's just one less thing to restrict your breathing. A much better idea would be to deal with the real problem of corporate polluters and fossil fuel emissions. But, that would require that we all actually might have to sacrifice some of our creature comforts and deal with the real problem. It's very hard not to get distracted by the man behind the curtain and actually keep our eye on the ball.

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