• Has to be when he breeds her, when he starts to pulse as he unloads inside of her.
  • When she drops down to her knees and engulfs his cock with her mouth. He is in control of her, she is giving in to him totally, and she has her saliva all over his throbbing cock.
  • Watching her guide his cock into her pussy and watching her climax
  • all of it is good, I like watching both cumming and then sliding in after. it's really HOT!!
  • Never saw it, but I think watching her swollow another guys cum would be really hot
  • I have had the opportunity to see my wife having sex with other men, before we were married. I have to say that it was all hot,watching her suck cock, get her pussy eaten, but the hottest was watching her asshole pucker as she would slide up and down on a big hard cock. I had the perfect view. The picture of her in my mind still gets me hard
  • seeing her get pleased and her pleasing another best part for me is when he fucks her really hard and she enjoys it
  • When he cums in her, I like taking turns as we both cum in her.

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