• Pretty Pirate seems pretty cool so I would think she would appreciate you asking her out via an Answerbag question with your regular screen name. That way you are being honest and you are satisfying one of her known interests. Good luck!
  • Well you can have someone else do it for you. They can say it is a freind we both know but they are scared to ask for them self. But I am sure PrettyPirate would enjoy be asked by you instead of others. I think it is very flattering to be asked out.
  • I think you should let her know and ask her out (perhaps in private, via email?) She will be kind to you no matter what, which I reckon is one of the reasons you like her. Go for it! I did (obviously not to pretty pirate, but still) and it has to be the best decision I ever made. Love on the bag is what we need! Do it. And then let us know how it went!
  • I love PrettyPirate!!! You are too cute! She is wonderful, all you really should do is be up front with her, with a little twist because she is a smart one. You should sweep her off her pretty little pirate feet. Good luck!
  • So do the both of you recide in the same vicinity? Would this be a long distance date? It looks like you're already getting the ball rolling and our comments may not matter. Good luck.
  • Do you even live in the same area as she does?
  • I know PrettyPirate personally, so I can say that she's an honest genuine person and wouldn't shoot you down in flames even if she wasn't interested. Be persistent! She loves persistance!
  • She's one of the best! GO for it, and good luck!
  • just ask her! tell her how much you like her and ask her! maybe shes secretly waiting for you to ask her..
  • Hi Anonymous, Firstly - I am really, really flattered that you like me. That's absolutely lovely, and I feel very priviledged to be the object of your most worthy affections. I think you should be applauded for being brave enough to let your intentions be known, even if you chose to do so under an Anonymous name. The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it. That mustn't have been easy, and I am so grateful to everyone that answered your question for doing so with tact, support, encouragement and kindness. Truly a testament to the wonderful people we have on the Bag. I do think, though, that any further discussion between us should be done in private, and I hope you agree :) Thus, I have just added my e-mail address to my Public Profile, and you are more than welcome to contact me there (as is anyone else). Hopefully you know me well enough to understand that you have nothing to fear in approaching me. I don't bite (hard), and even if we don't end up getting married, moving to the Mountainside and having a family of singing children, I'm sure that we can be, at least, friends ;) I look forward to hearing from you. And as odd as this is going to sound - Good luck!
  • Wow I'm really amazed by your braveness. You should go for it. Win her heart! Who knows, PrettyPirate may have already fallen for you :P
  • If PrettyPirate is actually the girl in her profile photo, then I can understand why you want to meet her in person. She is absolutely stunning; probably the closest thing to a goddess this side of hyperspace! Not only that, she has the personality of an angel. Good luck!
  • I only know PrettyPirate from on here and I can say she portrays herself to be a lovely, lovely intelligent and witty person. I like her very much. All the best on your pirate endevour!
  • I think she's really cute too, and she has really thoughtful replies. Best wishes my friend. Have there been any marriages as a result of AB?
  • that is so very very sweet, and go for it , iam a firm believer that there is someone for everyone .
  • Genuine respect for having the stones to Put yourself out there. It is a big thing you do, man. Sounds like I owe two people 'round here a pint!

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