• You can't judge all Christians on here by the response or lack there of by a few.
  • It may not have been the Christians, I think it was probably the grammar police.
  • 1) I am not sure it has to do with violence. Immortality is a very clear criterion to separate humans (mortals) and gods (immortals). To see what happens when one tries to kill you is an obvious way to check this. 2) Even if we assume that people who uprated that answer like violence, it would not prove much about the Christians on AB, except if you assume that those people were Christians.
  • Did you ask the violent ones what religion they were? Or, the people who gave them the points? Why would you expect a "Christian" to be your protector? Why did nobody of any other religion say "This is out of line"? You asked a question. You got responses. The responses you received doesn't say ANYTHING about the Christians on AB, nor does it say anything about any of the other religions represented on this board. Only the individuals who answered, pointed, and commented.
  • if you study the history of mysticism - jewish - christian - islamic ... - you find that many of the advanced mystics claim at one time or another that "i am god". many of the traditional herds of followers of the different brands of religion have spoken violently of the persons and, in fact, a number of the saints have been killed for saying such a thing. why would these advanced mystics all say the same thing even after knowing that there's a 40% chance of imminent death? people get frightened when you threaten their belief structure. good luck!
  • I think most Christians felt your question was "out of line" to begin with and paid it no mind ... as far as the "running you over part", since i don't take ANYTHING seriously ever written on this site, why should i make the exception for that? ... if you keep going for the controversial and provocative questions, you gotta be prepared to handle the same kind of responses
  • Two things come to mind. One, maybe you really think you are God and need a counselor. Two, you know you are not God and are just looking for an argument. . Personally, while I do try to reason with people of what ever background who honestly inquire or that are willing to listen and reason when approached, I don't think a debate usually gets good results, as most who are prepared to debate are not likely to be inclined to listen. /./ In his inspired letters to Timothy, the apostle Paul referred to men who fomented “violent disputes about trifles.” Paul described them as “mentally diseased over questionings and debates about words.” (1 Timothy 6:4, 5) He instructed Timothy to “turn down foolish and ignorant questionings, knowing they produce fights,” and to instruct the congregations “not to fight about words, a thing of no usefulness at all.” (2 Timothy 2:14, 23) Many religious questions of this sort fit this description and has proved to be a pointless waste of time.
  • I found the link to what you are talking about. It was a silly question followed by a silly answer. You asked if "can you prove me wrong". The poster said how he could prove that you are not God. I did not see a threat there, no more than I consider your suggestion to do it to someones mom a threat, just sillyness on all parts. . n1kkigirl Sep, 21 2009 at 09:05 PM "But I am invincible" Jeremy Sep, 22 2009 at 04:50 AM "So, getting run over by a car would only hurt the car; it's not violence." n1kkigirl Sep, 22 2009 at 05:59 AM "Opps the spirit just jumped to your mom Jeremy, Solomon go ahead and do the experiment on her, God isn't occupying my body anymore. Sorry Jeremy"
  • If you ask a question like this, you have to expect you'll get hammered, which I thought was the reaction you were looking for, so you could rail at "The Christians".
  • God is immortal and omnipotent and wouldn't be scared and have nightmares because of the thought of getting hit by a car. You asked the question. Don't hate just because you were proven wrong.
  • By saying, "What does this say about the Christians on AB" you're implying that we are weirdos or something. Let's not judge here. First, I don't really understand why you even posted that question, honestly. When you post questions like that, you should expect those kind of answers. Second, your question wasn't addressing Christians. Its was general. So you don't even know if that person was Christian. Another thing, he DID have a point. He said that if he would have ran you over and you did not die, then it would prove it. Although, that isn't the definition of God or what proves God, it definitely is a point. We humans would die after a blow like that. I hope I answered your question. Good day.
  • It says loads about what religious nutters are about. Kick his dog, he'll kick you. Slap his wife, he'll slap you. Yell at his kids, he'll yell at you. Insult his God, he'll kill you. Even though his God doesn't seem to care. That's Religious priorities for ya.
  • It shows that they are just like Muslims, willing to kill anyone who challenges their "God".
  • The question and those types of answers were both immature. Why'd you intentionally bait people? And, shock, some people on the internet like to strike back.
  • I tell you what it says, it says that i didn't pay much attention to your post, i answered your question with a good answer then left it that, i didn't check back on this because i thought it did not warrant it. I would imagine alot of people did that on this question, i thought it was a bait trap to start a argument anyway.
  • God is the Judge-not us. What makes you believe you are God? Have you been around forever? Have you created the Heavens and the earth, and everything in it? Have you raised Jesus Christ, Lazarus, and others from the dead? Have you performed billions of miracles? Are you seated in Heaven? Are you able to SAVE people and see them change into a better, spirit-filled person? What you said was wrong-very, very wrong. God sees and hears EVERYTHING that you say and do-even your own thoughts! The bible says that we will have to give an account for EVERY careless word that we speak. That includes you and what you said.
  • If you claim to be God, prove it to us first. You made the claim, prove it.
  • Meh, whatever. If it makes you feel better, your question got more points then his answer.
  • well if you re god prove it nobody will have to shoot you just shoot yourself in the head if you want people to believe you otherwise every body in this planet wil claim to be god and then we will have BILLIONS OF GODS and that sounds worse than shooting you or running you over with a car hehe
  • 'Out of line' would have gotten you flagged as offensive. "I am God" is just the standard Atheist baiting song. I think you're just being overly sensitive while at the same time speaking without thinking first. And since the Christian God WAS tested in a similar manner, you have nothing to complain about.

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