• no, it has no purpose. i remember reading organic and non-organic food have no difference except organic food is harder to grow.
  • Soemtimes, should do it more often! +5
  • No unless I'm dating a chick that's into the whole organic scene !!
  • If it is reduced in price.yes.
  • no, it is to expensive and no benefits have been found to justify the higher prices. +5
  • A friend of mine when found out she was pregnant, became an organarian, till she finished breast feeding. Now her son is allergic to absolutely everything, has very bad reactions from rashes to upset stomach to all kinds of food, drinks and even most types of bottled water, has big problems adjusting to non-organic world. Plus, after a few times after a soup made out of shitty expensive organic chicken, has turned bad next morning in a fridge, I said forget it. We are contemporary people and must eat contemporary food. Besides, life expectancy nowadays is the longest humanity have ever managed to achieve, to compare with all-organic history.
  • Yes. I try to buy as organically as i can. I buy "fair trade" if i can't find organic as it's the next best thing
  • I do with eggs and beef. The rest I take my chances with.
  • Yes allways when we can,,,far less chemicals in them,it's all so appalling how the large supermarkets treat small producers !! telling them what fertilizers to use and such,

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