• 1Gigabyte (Gb) is equal to 1024 Megabytes (Mb). GHz has nothing to do with Hard Disk or Gigabytes at all. It is a measure of the clock speed of the CPU: the CPU clock ticks 1,800,000,000 times a second. It is a partial measure of the speed of the CPU (though lots of other things affect the CPU speed as well).
  • Okay, it's clear as mud. I currently pulled out an old computer for the kids. From what you all see is there anything I can do to make it better. Pentium 4 cpu 1.80 Ghz 1.79.Ghz 512 Mb of ram Nivdia Geforce2 mx400. Don't laugh, back in the day it was okay,lol.
  • 1-18-2017 You just have to memorize this stuff, at least the ones you work with all the time. It's ok to bookmark the page so you can look up the others when you run across them. There is a prefix every three powers of ten, except for 100, 10, 1/10, and 1/100. To go from one to another you use the LARD rule: LEFT ADD RIGHT DEDUCT. When moving the decimal to the LEFT you ADD to the power of ten. When going to the RIGHT you DEDUCT from the power of ten.

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