• I really admire people who speak their minds too. It's empowering in a sense and conveys confidence. However, some people need to do it with tact, otherwise speaking one's mind can be seen as rude or arrogant.
  • I'd say yes... it's annoying if they harp on it, but having everything out in the open is good.
  • I do.I like to know here I stand with people.
  • I like myself. I do not like to play games with people... unless it's the type of games that result in hurt feelings.
  • That is who I am! I do prefer someone to speak their mind, because I can't stand someone who lies. I understand that tact does also come into play, but there are ways to be outspoken and honest in a good way. With someone outspoken, you know you will not have to second guess them. Like I always say "it is what it is".
  • Well, being outspoken is something I myself identify greatly with. That is part of who I am. For that, some people like me and others don't care for me and that is perfectly fine by me. But at least people will know what they are going to get from me. So yes, I like outspoken people. I don't like people fake to like me when they don't
  • Speaking your mind is a good thing if it's done with respect and out of a loving caring heart, no matter what it's about. It's even ok to give compliments to strangers if you see something in them that warrants recognition. Behind all of those smiling faces that look at you everyday are real life stories. You never know when a kind word might bring peace, healing or confidence into someones life and make their day better.
  • yes.... i do it's easier for me to get along with people that are real!!!!!!!
  • I like it very much because I don't like guessing! I like to hear people out most of all.
  • Actually if someone's speaking their mind with a sense of tact, I can deal with that. However, if its done for the sake of "I'm right your wrong," then that takes some getting used to. It wears thin after awhile... Very outspoken? No, I can't stand that. It bugs me to think there's always that one person who always wants to make a big stink over a small trivial matter. How about I drop those people off at your place? ;) jk
  • i like outspoken people when they exhibit maturity, intelligence and empathy. and i say empathy because i don't like people who just say what they have to say and don't give a crap about how it affects other people and have no desire to hear what anyone else has to say. or, if they are crass and hostile and bent on proving you wrong because they have an inferiority complex i don't like that either.
  • I am. that in conjunction with ADHD personality traits makes people opinions of me very polar... everyone either loves me or hates me. those who learn to use my insight are advantaged for it. meanwhile those who chose to be hostile towards me often make mistakes I could have helped avoid.
  • I believe that letting people know where they stand with you is a gift you give to them. It lets them know that you aren't going to be talking behind their back, or be hurtful. I like it very much when someone does that for me. Some folks seem to think that honesty isn't honest unless it's brutal. I don't like those folks. They don't take the feelings of others into consideration. It's perfectly fine to be honest AND get your point across, but not at the total expense of everybody, all the time. +5
  • Yes, I like people who speak their mind because I like honesty and to be told things up front. I hate people who get annoyed by things repeatedly and instead of just telling you so you can fix it, slowly move away from you. That hurts my feelings A LOT.
  • Unfortunately I am a very outspoken woman as well and must admit it gets me into a lot of hot water. Lol. One thing I would like to mention is that there is a fine line between being outspoken and just plain rude and to many "outspoken" people cross the line. I dislike rudeness.
  • There is a season to be outspoken and a season to be silent. I like it when my friends exercise their discernment to decide for themselves when to speak and when to listen or be silent. (That's not to say I always like it when they are silent...)
  • I always speak my mind, unless I have a compelling reason not to do so (job security). Even then, I will only wait until I can, and maybe find optimal phrasing. Why? I'm not ashamed of what I think, and it really isn't worth it to pretend.
  • You should probably worship the ground I walk on then.

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