• I can't think of a situation of pain testing.
  • Urinated on an electric fence....Yep, it f**king hurt!!!!!! Lessen learned....
  • Hmm... I was about 8. My uncle had got me a wood-burner kit. I stuck my finger to it to see if it would hurt... Umm, my advice is to never put your finger on something that is 1000 degrees fahrenheit. Good thing I pulled back before my finger melted to the metal... I did lose a layer of skin but it has since then came back... Umm, at some point in my life, with all the stuff I've been through, I've developed a high tolerance for pain... To the point where I can't feel it usually. I told someone I couldn't once. They didn't believe me. I said "I could take this safety pin and pierce my arm with it" and they said "prove it." I did and didn't feel a thing... I told my sister about it when I got home and she didn't believe me, so I figured I'd gross her out a bit. I was hand-sewing a button onto my pants (the button had popped off, so I moved it over an inch because I loved these pants) and she said she didn't believe me. When I had finished. I did it again in a different place on my arm, and pulled the needle and thread in and out in 2 different places. Haha. No, I'm not insane nor suicidal, though most would be in my position. I just have a tolerance for pain. If I was suicidal anyway, I wouldn't just be scared of dying and cut my wrists and say "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" or nothing like that since I'd know it was my fault since I had the blade in my hand, but anyway; I'd have the guts to just slit my throat. Haha. The only thing keeping me alive right now is the fact that I know how many people would be hurt were I to hurt myself or kill myself. If no one cared, and I didn't feel that my purpose was to help people (helping them avoid suicide or helping with anything else); I'd be gone.
  • Superglued myself to someone.
  • When I was a kid I ran my finger against a freshly sharpened knife. It really hurt.
  • married my first wife
  • gave love a 2nd chance, it still hurt. lesson learned. +5
  • giving a cheating girlfriend 1 more chance
  • I strapped an electric dog collar to my leg and gave the remote to my friends. It hurt.
  • snorted pixi stix
  • Well, when I was very drunk...I told a guy to "just do it" he was holding up a heated lighter, then put it on my shoulder and burnt on a happy face which just turned into a horseshoe thingy...its still there 7 years down the road, and everyones asks about it...and i get the "pleasure" to explain it.

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