• I worked for a few weeks in a mental facility ... it is VERY dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and pay attention ALL the time .... +5
  • sure,sign me up. i could use another job working with crazy people. the crazy people are the staff because they just want to dum down the patients so they are easy to take care of. they frown on trying to help a patient get better. I can deal with that.
  • I work in a mental health hospital every day. It can be very dangerous but every effort is made to ensure safety for us and other patients. They have certain codes that when called means "fight" and every free employee comes to help us. We get help in seconds. If a patient seems really angry or dangerous they are usually put in a room called a quiet room with a camera and not allowed to be around other people. This helps a lot. Employees are trained on how to handle emergencies too.
  • Work in one? I LIVE in one.
  • No i wouldn't be frightened. You'd believe me if you saw what i was dreaming about last night. I'd be more frightened for them.
  • They don't exactly call them that anymore. I work in the mental health system and have worked on all kinds of psych units. There is never a dull day but it's not to the extreme that it's portrayed on TV every single day. However, truth is often stranger than fiction and there are some days that TV writers couldn't even think up.
  • It feels as though as I already do. The fear has abated.
  • I will admit that I would be frightened. You would never know what to expect at any times. I would still show respect for the patients of course but how long I would last working there is very hard to say.
  • No, I wouldn't be frightened. There is protocol in place to help ensure the safety of both staff and patients. I worked in a psych ward of a hospital when I did my clinicals. I found psych patients, and geriatrics, to be those who touched my heart the most. +5
  • I wouldn't work there because the man in charge said to his staff, on their first day of work, before anything was done, that if they make over $100,000 a year they won't be getting a raise today. For that reason, my resume` hasn't been sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Besides, the real leader of that organization is some teleprompter writer, working behind the scenes which nobody ever sees, not even the teleprompter reader himself, not unlike Charlie of Charlie's Angels.
  • I was a mental health social worker and assessed people(for compulsory detention) in and out of hospital. I felt safer at times in the hospital even in the locked wards as at least you knew who they were. There are more on the outside than on the inside and those outside you cannot identify.
  • I would not be frightened (I don't think) but I would not want to.

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