• isolate from social group remove bedroom door
  • I think I misunderstood the question so deleted
  • Gee... Boy meets girl...boy and girl boink...boy and girl now have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. :):):)
  • Take things away. I took my older son's car away for 6 months when I found out he was drinking and driving. It would have been longer, but then he turned 18 and bought his own car and I made him get his own insurance -- not on ours.
  • Kids misbehaves, kids does chores.
  • It depends. Does the kid know that what they did was inappropriate, and why? If not, sit down with the kid and tell them that what they did was not right, and explain to them why they should not do it. Leave it there. - If the kid DOES know that what they did was inappropriate, again, sit down and talk with them. Tell that that what they did was not appropriate, and as a result, they will lose a certain privilege (going out with friends, TV time at night, etc etc). Make it clear WHY the kid is getting this punishment, and also make it clear that if the behaviour is repeated, the punishment will be MORE severe.
  • A shitload of chores. If that doesn't work, take all the things you bought for them away. If that doesn't work...I hate to say...but sometimes an asswhoopin' is in order.
  • They meet my whip.
  • No t.v., no video/computer/iPod/cellphone privileges for a certain period of time. Must be stated explicitly and enforced consistently.
  • Make the punishment fit the crime. Kid slams a door, he stands there for a couple hours closing it quietly. That sort of thing. My dad caught me and my sisters smoking when we were young he made us line up at Disneyland and smoke in front of Mickey mouse and the gang. That was embarrassing.
  • Take away their mobile phone/tablet.

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