• yes many times with migraines and kidney stones.
  • yess! haveing your arm, collar bone, 2ribs broken and a knee cap completly crushed! that was a 10 for me +3
  • Yes. Only once, that I would consider a "10" as that much pain makes you delerious.
  • over the ten for me when i broke my back in two places still here .
  • yes i have that 1st heart attack got me there. +5
  • Yes. I get ear infections several times a year (which is extremely abnormal for an otherwise healthy 25 year old adult). Because of this, I have a lot of scarring in my ears, so every second or third ear infection is migraine inducing, black out, hallucination inducing pain. To explain how I measure this, I've given birth twice (once with medication, once with none), had kidney infections, broken my ankle, and damaged the tendon in my left knee, and my Ear infections are still 100 times worse than any of these things. I'd rather give birth five more times than ever experience another ear infection. Unfortunately, it's a matter of due course. Especially since we spend a lot of time at the beach.
  • Yes, a few years ago I fell down a flight of concrete stairs and fractured a bone in my spine. Fortunately there was no lasting damage but the pain then was the most intense I've ever felt. I seriously thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair.
  • Almost daily! Cluster Migraines........ I sometimes have to go and get a shot of Morphine. Maybe one every 2 months or so. Cluster Migraines come and go so quickly SOMETIMES. That I feel the terrible pain for as little as 10 mins and it is gone. But they have lasted up to 8 days in a row. MORPHINE me up when it is day #8 actually day #4-5 is about all I can take. +5
  • Yes when I got my leg chopped off from a saw
  • Yes. But a peculiar one which I rate a 9 was through using mouthwash. It started just a niggle which I thought was the start of an infection. So I rinsed my mouth more frequently, the pain got worse and I contacted the dentist. There was a delay until I could get an appointment and I increased the frequency of rinsing my mouth. The pain became excruciating and I realized the pattern of pain followed my use of the mouthwash. I determinedly resisted the urge to rinse my mouth and after 2 or 3 days the pain subsided then disappeared. The visit to the dentist revealed no problem. I now rinse my mouth no more than once per day.
  • yes, its calld tryn to stop a baby from being born for over 56hours :| but haven him was a breeze in the wind after the damn doctors said to give up and just have him. what was the point of putn me threw all that pain for if he was going to be born anyways :| (i chewd them a new put hole)
  • testicular surgery was pretty close!!!
  • I pushed out a nearly 10 lb baby
  • Kidney stones have been my most painful experience. I don't know if it rates a 10 but I couldn't imagine anything worse at the time.
  • I heard Roseanne sing The National Anthem
  • No, but a couple of 9.9's.
  • Yes, spinal fusion.
  • Yes Kidney stones Childbirth Collar bone separating from the sternum
  • Yes, the last time was withdrawal from Effexor. It was way past 10.

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