• Leave. Simple.
  • Get help. There are ways to work around this if you have kids and need him to help you financially. Go and speak to a professional and see what they think. Try and look after yourself and the child as best you can. Goodluck =) x
  • I agree with randomness above, leaving is the best thing to do. No-one should have to tolerate abuse, and I'm sure a kid would much rather grow up in a calm home with one parent than a home where one parent beats the other.
  • Leave him.
  • Leave.
  • Leave it only gets worse not better
  • RUN! Run as fast and as far as you can. Abusers rarely ever change no matter how much they say they love you, will change for you (people can only change for themselves and for them it usually isn't worth it without a GREAT payback) and then it takes years to prove that they have changed. If you have a boyfriend, you are too young to put in that much effort to a piece like that.
  • leave the relationship. there is never, ever a justification for a man to hit a woman, NO MATTERWHAT! somewhere inside of you, I suspect you believe it is OK. It is never OK. He will continue to be physically abusive to you. You do not deserve an ounce of it, not an ounce. The only thing for you to do is to leave at once. and go somewhere safe. if you don't have a safe place to go, there are women's shelters in most cities. but get out for your own best interest. there is nothing you can do to make him stop hitting you, nothing!
  • You already know the answer. Make him you ex-boyfriend and learn to have enough respect for yourself so that you would never dream of putting up with anything like this again.
  • really? you need to call the police and leave him.
  • Leave your boyfriend there's no other reason to stay. If you love your child then you need find another home for him/her. It's not good that he will witness such abusive dad he have. It will affect his personality when he grown up with a home like that. Think about the your future with your child and I know you can still find another man who deserves your love and time.
  • easy, leave him.
  • Leave him NOW! +4pts.
  • Leave. There are far worse things than being alone.
  • LEAVE as quickly as possible - it'll just get worse!! +5
  • Tell him he's a troll
  • walk away and don't look back. you are lucky you can walk away i had to divorce and face crap today, i beg you don't make the mistake i made. +5
  • ever heard the song "Good-bye Earl"? Seriously
  • Leave him. He doesn't respect you and abuses you, that is not love. He clearly isn't worthy of you. When you say its over, he will undoubtably say he'll change, please don't be fooled, he will say that. Most men are never abusive. A man who cares about you would never, ever touch you in a harmful way. Ever. Second thought: If/when (please be when and not if) you break it off with this abusive asshole who is completely undeserving of you, don't do it in person. If you feel that you need to do it in person have someone with you or (very, very close) nearby. I've only been in one relationship where a man was abusive to me, and he tried to strangle me to death. I was okay because my friend was there to protect me. I'm not saying he will try to kill you, but if someone is abusive to you already you should be careful. Just protect yourself, you're all you have when it comes down to it.
  • Dump his sorry, sorry ass.

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