• So, Jimmy Carter has admited hes racist, why would you say something like that if the thought wasnt there, Obama being black has nothing at all to do with his job performance, Jimmy is racist.
  • It is my opinion that this irrelevant man was absolutely over the line and that he is discouraging people from questioning what is going on in our government. No matter who is in office, we must scratch the paint and see what is really on the surface. My biggest criticism of liberals is that they just want followers, they don't want anyone to ask questions or come up with their own opinions, they want to spoon feed those to the people, and this is a case of FPOTUS Carter trying to play the open wide for the rocket ship game with us.
  • So the worst President in US history is calling anyone who disagrees with the black presidents policies a racist. It was only a matter of time before the democrats were going to pull this card out since nothing else seems to be working for them. I figured that they would have chosen a better spokesmen then the party idiot to convey that message though. LOL
  • over the line and awful 'shallow' thinking on his part, but then , he never has been very much of a profound, common sense thinker....he just added himself to the 'pot stirrers'...
  • Can you provide a link to the quote?
  • it's just another in a long line of erroneous thinking on his part ... it basically says "if you don't agree with our philosophy, you are just too ignorant and stupid and can't see past the man's skin" ... whereas, i don't care if BO was black, brown, white, tan, high yellow, or albino ... it's his policies and beliefs i have issues with ...
  • There is a key word in your question that is false. The word is "any"....he did not say "any" If anyone wants to write slanted questions yours is a great example.
  • What he said: "I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he's African-American," That is not saying any and all criticism is based on race. Is his comment over the line? I don't think so, he has a right to his opinion, is his statement correct? I don't think so, I believe more of the animosity comes from being a democrat then being black.
  • Hasn't Jimmy been accused of being antisemitic? Why is he involved anyway? I think he's just using this statement to gain personal attention, I question his motives. I don't know too many who care what his opinion is anyway.
  • Jimmy Carter is a very respected past president.He would not say things of the top of his head.It could be possible that it is a race problem.Old fashioned conservatives tend to look at a black president as wrong,holding on to old ideals that have been outdated for 50+ years.The US is a multicultural country and race should be of no issue.
  • Yes, it's completely ridiculous. I am a supporter of Obama but the fact that he's black doesn't mean everything he says is going to be correct.
  • Your question contains a lie, but from this side of the Atlantic it certainly seems as though racial attitudes influence what people say about the President. The crazy USA presdential election "system" finally puts a decent, honest, intelligent guy in the white house and all the lame brains come out of the woodwork with ridiculous and unjustified comments and criticisms.
  • Here's what I think. I'm not sure any one of us knows for sure why we feel as we do about anything/anyone. Those who don't like Obama may well be closet racists...on the other hand, maybe they have real issues with his policies and would say the exact same things if it were Sara Palin or John McCain holding that office. I surely don't know and I'm pretty sure most of us can't know what lies buried beneath our could be prejudice but we shall never know that. It could be a score of things having nothing to do with racism. Again, we shall never really know. Happy Wednesday! :)
  • No, that is not what Fmr. President Carter said. He said that the comment made by Rep. Wilson was racially motivated, not "any" criticism. Get your facts straight.
  • As others have mentioned that is not exactly what Jimmy Carter said. However; the statement has some truth in it. I have no doubts that racism still exists in this country and there are people out there that distain the president simply because he’s a black man (even though technically he’s bi-racial). At the same time all presidents loved or hated will be criticized at one point or another during their administration for the simple fact that you can't please everyone. Some people in the political world criticize just to criticize and get their name in the paper; their faces on TV, sadly this will never change no matter who is in office.
  • over the line, seems that there are a hell of a lot of people in the U.S. do think this way ... he is black so he can't do the job and if thats the case then anything he does is wrong... so no its not over the line as it has many strands of the truth is it
  • Anytime one makes a blanket statement like that is in HIGH danger of being way over any line.
  • Jimmy Carter simply understands the unraveling and desperation of the Obama administration. Just as Jimmy Carter's leadership was so very inept, as the American people discovered, they are now discovering likewise with B. Hussein Obama; just that Obama's fall will be 10 times worse. In such desperation, the BHO bots are grabbing at straws in an attempt to save themselves, and grabbing the race card especially. In the process they are just digging themselves deeper in a hole. They will wave around racist accusations 24/7 to the point of saturation, and the label "racist" will become meaningless.
  • Yes it is. I'm not a fan of Obama, and it's definitely not because of his race! I had two brothers who were adopted, who also happened to be black. I'm very close to them. I am not racist!
  • I don't think it is over the line. Jimmy has free speech just like the rest of us. I do NOT, however, think that at least 95% of Obama's criticism is racially based. Must it be so hard to simply not agree with a man without being accused of racial prejudice?
  • Does this mean every non white American who criticised a white president was a racist?
  • I criticize BO because I believe he's wrong. Period. I reject anyone labeling me a racist without proof. Period.
  • Over the line. But he did lay out the dem. strategy play the race card anytime you can.
  • Any? No. That's not what he said. Typical Republican strawman argument. So I cannot answer your question based upon the falsity of your statement.
  • True, For me at least. My only critisism of Obama.. Is thats he's mixed race. NOT BLACK. 50% white infact.. If he was to completely disregard his black heritage as if it was inferior (Like he did with his white heritage) Can you imagine the uproar? I just think it's messed up. Other than that.. He's no worse than Bush, but not really much better either.

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