• Seems you have struck a nerve with the DR abuser(s). +5 anti-troll points.
  • I'm not PC but I KNOW why they behave as they do. They've allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing this crap. But deep down inside it just does'nt work for them. They are simply being angry and rude at themselves. They just don't know it.
  • plus 5 for asking!
  • Some people are threatened by anyone having an opinion that differs from their own. It makes them think that there are more ways than just one to think about any issue. Some don't know how to deal with that except to lash out! Sorry that happened to you Phillis! It's truly not playing fair!
  • Phillis, you've hit a raw nerve. Also questions in religion. When you asked if they've changed any minds, you would think that would be their goal, and to present their case in a rational manner. Instead, it shows me that we have people on ab who should be in some hate chat room. They cannot control their emotions, think logically, use the English language correctly, nor be open-minded. It shows how they've been brought up - spoiled, antisocial, thinking everyone must agree with them, and totally self-centered. Would they think we'd want our county run by egotists? +5
  • I agree with the sentiment of your question. You think they'd realize that the, "If you weren't such an idiot, you'd realize how ridiculously wrong you are and agree with me!" approach almost never persuades someone to see their point of view.
  • Most people on this site are nasty in general. They are just nasty in a way that seems polite...somehow. It doesn't really have much to do with having a strong attachment to political ideology. However, I think when defending something like that, people can forget to disguise their true selves behind a veil of PG like they usually do, so it just seems worse, even though it's actually better, because at least they are being honest for a change.
  • I dont understand why people do it. I am quite politically minded but if people disagree, fine by me. we are all entitled to an opinion. If a question is answered, if you disagree, it is an opinion only. I may enter into a discussion but the minute it becomes impolite. bye bye.
  • +5 for you Phillis. I lose points all the time on the political based Q's.
  • The sun and the wind wanted to establish who was the stronger. They chose a man in a street, and agreed that whoever succeeds to get him to take off his coat, would be the winner. The wind went in first. The harder it blew the tighter he buckled the coat around him. Ultimately it gave up. Then the sun came out and shone gently, and the clouds disappeared, and warmth spread all around, and the man took his coat off.
  • Give them Hell Phillis +5

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