• Nothing wrong with having a toke... just don't have too many because the more you smoke -- the more you need to smoke to get that "lift" sensation -- and too many tokes are bad for your lungs and slow your brains down.
  • I don't see anything wrong with it as long as you smoke outside.
  • i do not like it. I mean i dont really care if it is some one who has nothing really to do with me. As long as i do not have to spend time with them. But if this person has something to do with me. a good friend, family or my boyfriend i get very angry.
  • I believe that the worst thing that pot will do to you is nothing. No job, no girlfriend, no car, etc. It makes you content, and because you're content there's less motivation to achieve. Some people smoke pot and do great, they are uncommon. Frankly I don't think it's a big deal, just not my thing.
  • help yourself, just not near me, it makes me nauseous, which is weird because it didn't always.
  • Awesome feeling do it once in a while not often.
  • apart from hurting your lungs( which ANY smoke will do ) and getting stoned and driving a car ...nothing wrong with it at all.
  • ... bake brownies, cookies, or cakes instead ... the lungs are for processing oxygen in and carbon dioxide out and not for breathing hot smoke & ash ...
  • You can be happier and healthier without it. For young people, it's all about who you hang out with, right? Try to find two groups of kids who are alike in most ways but one group smokes pot and the other doesn't. Which group looks happier and healthier to you? This is far from scientific or foolproof. But it may help you convince yourself you can be happier if you're not getting high or getting stoned or whatever they call it now. Try to find happy, healthy, sober, straight (drug-wise) friends. Good luck.
  • I don't think it is dangerous, although I have known plenty of people that spend their rent money on it and get lazier with time. Honestly, I think once in a while is no harm, but everyday is just overboard.
  • Legalize it but I'll pass on it for myself.
  • I think a lot of people could do much more productive things with their free time.
  • Better them than me.
  • I think it's fun! It also makes typoes like "opionion" VERY funny.

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