• I guess you could try it and see? I know the pre-made hamburger they came out with was gross!
  • Ummm.... do you mean substituting the hamburger for something else. like turkey? If so, yes! And without any meat at all? Yeah, it still tastes pretty good!
  • Yes, I really like hamburger helper, chicken helper and tuna helper with no meat. I don't make these things often, but when I do, if it's just for me, I skip the meat! (not vegetarian at all)
  • Generally the beef adds quite a bit of the flavor that makes hamburger helper taste the way it does, just by cooking the meat with the rest of the ingredients. I do this all the time (mostly due to lack of fundage) and it tastes pretty good actually, it just doesn't taste the same as it does with the meat. I would try it both ways and see if you like it.
  • Sorry, but I don't think Hamburger Helper even tastes OK with the hamburger. Too many additives ...
  • I've never tried it. Looking at the nutrition label, lots of carbs and tons of sodium. Definitely not for celiacs or hypertension.
  • i used to eat that a lot when i was a kid and i didnt put hamburger in it and it tasted okay to me

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