• I don't think other countries care but it was rude
  • It makes us look like we never lost that high school mentality. Seriously, what Rep. Wilson did was appalling. And I would seriously re think about his position at that high. It is ridiculous how they disrespect our President. When us Democrats were unhappy with Bush, we were told if we didnt deal with it, it was unpatriotic. Time for Republicans do eat from THEIR OWN plate.
  • Sorry ~ I'm not qualified to answer. I dont do politics! I have no idea what the outburst was .. do you have a link. I guess I could google .. but then again ~ I dont DO politics :)
  • Yep. I certainly have. I also thought the SAME things when G.W. Bush was in office and a whole BUNCH of democrats boo'd him about his statements on Social Security being in danger of bankruptcy in a few decades. Not ONE. A whole BUNCH of them. Not that political slams haven't been happening for as long as politics has been around, but there's something about casting the first stone here, somewhere.... . .
  • Uh... How do all those fights in Japan's and other country's legislature look to the world? Heck, we had one guy yell. They attack and beat on each other.
  • Wilson looked like an asshole - no, correct that, an ignorant asshole because what he said was a lie to start with. And other countries by and large know about the pointless bickering between Dems and Repubs - and frankly virtually all of them thinks the republicans are lunatics and profoundly anti American. Regionally? People that I know that are Republican no longer identify with that party. One girl I know well ripped every one of her right wing bumper stickers off her car at lunch while I helped her - she said she no longer wanted to be in a party where "the inmates run the nuthouse" Frankly I think this is a good thing - for it shows the true face of the enemy...and just how low they can go.
  • We had a proposal for a change in the education system by changing the grading system put forward by Minister for Education, Mr. Kapil Sibal, last month, here in India. It generated a lot of debate but nothing comparable to what I see in the newspapers about the happenings in the US recently. Within one month of making the proposal public, the minister has managed to announce that the new system will be enforced in the Central School Syllabus from September, this year. Doubts are raised and the debate continues but nothing as bad as what is happening in Washington DC. I just put down a few thoughts, not comments.
  • Hi Icy, here is an interesting perspective from a British point of view. They think heated exchange is healthy! Great Q +5
  • Oh gag me. It's not like he was throwing shoes for goodness sakes.
  • There are some countries in which some of the politicians end up in brawls...we may end up there as well. I think other countries have their own problems and probably don't even bother much with our internal embarrassments. Any civilized country who respects its people would be horrified at that lack of decorum and incivility, not to mention the outright lie this guy shouted. I do believe he has fans now who admire him. Admire incivility, lies and disrespect. These people have shamed themselves but they are too obsessed and fanatic to even notice. Sad. :(
  • It doesn't make a difference really. Many countries have long traditions of people booing their elected officials/political opponents. Actually, compared to the passive-aggressive sniping and procedural machinations of American politicians, I'd say it's rather healthy. Also, consider that very few "democratic" countries afford their heads of government the regal fawning that American presidents get. Heads of state, sure, but in these cases the heads of state are usually fairly non-political figureheads (e.g., the Queen of England). In the U.S., the positions of head of government and head of state are one and the same - maybe they should be split?
  • Fists were not thrown, shots were not fired, jail time will not be served. No if only 25 or 30 Dem's had had the balls to do this starting 8 1/2 years ago. on Mr. Bush's claim of "mandate", and all that came after.
  • I always give you positive ratings! And yes your feelings are very much normal!

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