• Theme parks, cooking, outdoor games, board games, movies...
  • Take them to the Beach .... Go Fishing and /or Camping with them ... +5
  • Just a reflection on my life: Spend time with your kids. Help them learn the social and other skills they will need in life.I know that may be difficult when both parents have to hold down jobs just to keep the family fed and a roof over their heads. I think I had good parents. They allowed me a lot of freedom in my early years, but didn't hesitate to 'lay down the law' when I overstepped the bounds. My dad taught me lots of things, but the one I think was most important was to be honest (fess up to your mistakes and don't blame others for your shortcomings) He also taught me personal integrity, and because of that I refuse to do something that would damage my reputation. He was one of the few who did not have a college education who was promoted to a department head in a large manufacturing corporation. He continued his education through other means of the time. Mom taught me some kitchen skills, and other things. Those and some further study enabled me to become a self sufficient cook so I don't have to eat at Mickey's. All in all, I think I had truly good parents. I sincerely thank them for what they taught me things I would need in my adulthood.
  • Teach them the "simple things" learning is fascinating to a youngster. (ex: Take them outside and show them an interesting insect and explain what it does.) Board games are fun, camping, fishing, sports, playing "imagine" and fight a fire breathing dragon to save a princess. lol, You get the point.
  • camping, going to a park, going sailing or speed boating
  • Play any kind of game, like pitching a baseball so they can hit it or getting a badminton net with rackets, or playing basketball with them or swimming with them or jumping on the trampoline with them. I also used to love taking my son to the arcade and playing air hockey, pool and all of the games they had there with him. Or bowling, shopping, movies.
  • Shoot fireworks over the crazy lady neighbors house...good clean fun! :D
  • Read the Bible to them.
  • Take them to the park
  • bird watching and listen how they describe the birds..... (birds ..???) winks.. talking about marriage with them and know how they see such matters. it also gives insight of how they feel about such things....
  • Build a 'fort' out of a blanket and have a picnic in the 'fort' on a rainy day.
  • Everything we do is fun... We are a huge goofball family! Someone is always laughing about something.
  • I would say take them bumper bowling so that the ball cannot go into the gutter. The kids learn the basics of bowling and get a decent score besides. +5
  • My dad used to take me for walks, and we would look at all the trees, plants, birds and bugs. Then, we would go to the library and look in books to see what we had been looking at. We also used to play with slime alot. (and I am a girl!) I loved to get dirty and just spend time with him. Also, we liked to pick cherries and apples and blackberries.
  • take them to see a porno movie funny story, when i was a kid the local theater mad a midnight movie. my mother took me to see Flash Gordon unfortunately she misread the poster the movie turned out to be FLESH Gordon, a completely different show entirely. didn't even get to see anything good either, damn it
  • Go camping. 🏕

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