• Never thought about it til I saw your question. I think I say bless-ed mostly if I am referring to something religious(not that I am) but I realise I would refer to big boobs or a well endowed man as well blest.( Freudian stuff going on there probably.)
  • blist sounds more better, never thought it had anything to do with regional or religious things, racial maybe in how some say it or how it is used.
  • Good question. Seems like it depended on the usage. Bless-ed are those who...etc. And, he was blessed with a healthy, etc.
  • i usually say "blest" but i like to say "bless-ed little precious" as in the quote from the Great Gatsby.
  • I'd never really thought about it I must say. It's not a word I say often...I reckon probably "blest" if I was saying "he blessed her" but if I was saying "that blessed dog" in an angry way, probably "bless-ed".
  • I say bless-ed. The reason isn't regional, racial or religious. My Mom was partially deaf and wore a hearing aid. We learned at a young age to enunciate our words clearly so she could understand us. I also say the first 'r' in library and I don't drop the 'g' in any word ending in 'ing'.
  • To me, it does not depend on regional pronunciation, but on context - eg I feel blessed (one syllable) the blessèd morn (two syllables) Blessèd comes before a noun - eg, those blessèd children, or when used before a verb: blessèd be the rowan tree. But blessed one the other hand can be used as a past participle - he blessed the field. but why? Hmmm
  • i too say it as "blest" dont think its a regional thing because my moms pastor says it as "bless-ed"
  • i think its only one syllable because you have to say the word a lil fast or else it'll sound like you have a lot on your mind. blesss-ed :)

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