• People trusted the president more in those days. I don't think anybody really expects president Obama to give a non-partisan presentation. Would you have had a problem with your child being forced to watch an informercial from BushII?
  • Bush Sr and Reagan were statesmen, and they kept politics and lies out of their speeches before children. Recall, for example, that Ronald Reagan finally took responsibility for a behind-the-scenes arms for hostages scandal when he was confronted about it by a schoolgirl's question. The current president will use appearing before children as cover for promoting his total takeover of healthcare, a major power-grab by which he seeks nothing less than the power to divine who lives and who dies.
  • Good question.
  • It isnt the speech that caused the problem. It is the administration's accompanying lesson plan, wherein children are supposed to write how they can help the president and how they were inspired by him that caused the problem.
  • Fox News?
  • I doubt if Bush Sr. ever read any letter that was not in his own best interest. What a joke.
  • Double standards.
  • The text of the speech will be available today in advance of tomorrows speech. I am fairly sure there are a few people, the psychics, the criminally stupid, the hateful and the FOX news followers who will not bother to read it but I hope the rest of you will. Whether you agree with his politics or not he is a man who grew up in a single parent family, who was responsible for educating himself and who rose to the presidency. Who better to tell children that education can make anything possible? Heck, if you hate him...listen to the speech with your kids and talk about why. Talking to your kids about current events! OH MY! The world might end haha
  • Here is a link to President Obama's speech to school children. I can sure see why parents who hope to keep their children ignorant will object to it.
  • Just a note here. A Texas school that did not allow any children to see the speech recently showed a film of radicals beheading people. Surely that sort of footage is a bit much for young children. What message does that send?
  • So, this question is a month old and today I get three down rates on it. Pretty childish and amusing haha

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