• If you lack money, you still have time, and life is short. I maintained a high level of outdoor activity and fitness when I had a lot more time than money. I miss it sometimes.
  • cheer up
  • count your blessings... look on the positive.............wheeeeeee +5
  • You are right on: "fewer than what we expected" It is the expectations that do us in, our feeling of somehow being entitled to more. All too often we chose to mope and grumble about it, instead of working to improve our situation. I was on vacation once in southern France (I live in Europe) and saw a mountainside like the one below. All the way up and down the mountains, and going on for miles and miles in both directions those terasses had been build to keep the rain from just running off and carry away the topsoil. Imagine the years and years of work needed to build them, generation after generation of farmers collecting and setting all those stones. And it worked. Today that mountainside is fertile farmland, fine for growing olive trees, vegetables and grain. All because those ancient poor farmers never gave up, but managed to persist in doing something lasting. regards JakobA
  • Make something yourself, draw or paint a picture of something you think is beautiful. Practice music- I find that music always cheers me up. Lean on the goodness of your friends. <3 +3
  • Remind myself that I have a great family and we are all in good health.+++
  • Going onto Answerbag and making smart-ass remarks.
  • Work on getting more money. Or find happiness in things that don't require more money.
  • just described my life of 52 years. The answer is... ...ACCEPT it or DO something ABOUT it. It comes with the realization that feeling bad about any situation serves no useful purpose whatsoever. Unless... enjoy feeling bad.
  • Masturbation

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