• What will be the subject matter, and why is it causing such an uproar? Can't folks wait until AFTER he gives it, and THEN condemn him (and it)? +5
  • Nothing about US politics is STARTING to strike me as ridiculous.
  • its stupid how people react.
  • its strikes me as ridiculous , his dictating and trying to idealize his unAmerican Ideaology on the children now... had a bunch of 11,12,13 yr. olds in the back yard yesterday...discussing their teachers saying they could not even rest their heads on their desk, had to watch...even the kids resent his arrogance..... this is America....and even they realize when their Freedoms are being invoked upon.... he is absurd , and ridiculous.... btw, do you have any ?
  • Yes. From what I've heard on the news, he isn't going to talk about politics, he's going to talk about the importance about education. Parents can keep their kids out of class if they want to. I think that there are much more important things that can be focused on.
  • education is a topic that i've not heard to be of great significance to the white house before. given that every president since fdr has visited at least one school, that shouldn't surprise anyone. the fact that it'll be broadcast to all children in all schools is a unique marvel of our current technology. conservative folks are still inflamed about health care and they're worried that obama will talk reason to their kids about health care so their kids will have fodder to challenge points that obama considers irrational. from what i've read, it's not supposed to be that kind of speech. we'll see, i suppose. i know that some conservatives have expressed concern that the white house was going to ask kids to write a letter stating how they could support the president. i could see how that could fuel some of their fears. i think it's reasonable to always ask americans to keep the faith, work to a better tomorrow, etc. is it ridiculous? perhaps so, but, i can write some excuse / understanding of some of it.
  • ABsolutely!
  • I am always concerned about what he is doing and why. But to start bitching before he even does anything IS ridiculous. No matter how much I may disagree with him on almost every matter of policy, it's just a speech. He is not going to hypnotized the kids and convince them too that he is the Messiah.....Is He? <smirk> We should only complain if he crossed a line. But I seriously doubt he will do anything that ends up being a big deal.
  • The union educrats are always making the claim that they do not have the time to drill basic skills, yet they have plenty of time to march the kiddies to the a/v room to watch Al Gore's inconvenient lie and to soak up whatever partisan nonsense The (self) Anointed ONE has to say Wednesday.
  • Most folks are smart enough to take the time to wait for the person to actually do something before condemning them. It's pretty damned obvious that ANYTHING Obama does drives them knackers.
  • Yeah... Like I said in another thread. "I'm a good American, I'm too lazy to really give a sh*t."
  • There are people in this country who embrace and celebrate ignorance. Of course they don't want their children to hear the president say, "Work hard, your education, something which you are responsible for is in your hands, as is your future." You have people like Sarah Palin involved the Third Wave, it was rooted in an explicitly anti-intellectual creation myth. According to the Third Wave’s founding father, William Branham, a rural Canadian preacher, Satan had sex with Eve and gave birth to Cain—the so-called “Serpent Seed.” “Through Cain came all the smart, educated people down to the antediluvian flood—the intellectuals" colleges. Education is evil right? After all it supplies (or should) a person with the ability to think, question and form their own conclusions. Something religious fundamentalist really are quite afraid of. Does anyone remember President Johnson starting the President's Physical Fitness Challenge? He spoke to children then and awarded a patch with the presidential seal to kids who completed the program. Was that indoctrination? Well sure...but what is wrong with telling children that physical and educational fitness is important and a key factor in future success? What is wrong with telling children that while the government, your schools and teachers along with your parents can encourage you and supply tools the responsibility to learn belongs to that child? If this incident doesn't show just how dangerous the religious right is to people then they are not paying attention. Gosh, where was President Bush when 9/11 happened? Indoctrinating school children as I recall? (He was reading to children in a school. I am being sarcastic)
  • It isn't starting to strike me, it has strike me.
  • Let's see how can I say this yet one more time and not sound too repetitive. Right wing Republicans are poised at the ready to condemn anything this man does. That's all that this is. A handful of total aholes who have an agenda. If he gets on his kness to pray, he is a Muslim terrorist. He has no birth certificate, he has robbed the country of our money, he is killing old people with health care changes, he is secretly friends with terrorists. I wish he would do one thing, ban these jerks from the country, but unlike them, he is actually fair-minded. They are ruining this country day by day, not Obama.

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