• No. It's hard to like someone who is obiously a head case.
  • i don't like her at all and she needs lots of mental help. but mostly i feel sorry for the children she has brought into this world. they will have a very difficult time with a mother like that.
  • It is irrelevant if I do or do not like her, or even have any acquaintance with her. I must work all my life to support her, her kind, and the families they create.
  • Awful human being
  • I think she's a rotten mother, welfare queen (and I am not knocking welfare IF you need it) and those kids will never have a normal life. I expect any day for her to become pregnant again. Those kids are cash cows to her. She doesn't care about their well being. You just have to remember what happened with her TV show. She denied the show because they wouldn't pay her enough. Guess they gave in. She is the reason that people look down on those who need welfare. She ONLY wants the money. I hope she loses her kids. That is the only way they will ever have a decent life.
  • I don't get why everyone is so obsessed with her. I mean, she's a head case just like Kate Gosselin. Anyone who wants publicity for choosing to have a whole army walk out of their hoo-haa needs help. The public paying attention to them makes them gain profit from being so stupid.
  • I don't have an opinion. I never understood all of the talk about the woman.
  • I think she is delusional about herself, her children and what life is about. She does not face reality. She is also very clever. She did not buy one diaper or one bottle before 8 children were born, expecting the state to take care of her and 14 children, and to allow them to stay with her. It worked. I think reality for her would be to remove all children and have her committed to a state hospital. Can you see her reaction to that? +5
  • She's crazy
  • UGHHH! And again- UGHHH! And a- WTF????
  • Octo-Mom is a damn jackass.
  • Out of her freakin mind.+5
  • A sick and demented freak show, a drain on society and just worthless. My opinion of anyone who has, or uses there family for profit and attention.
  • Baby hoarder. Putrid.
  • She is an excellent example of not liking the personality, but feeling really sorry for the dysfunctional soul trapped within. I think she has never gotten treatment for some severe personality disorders and now the children are going to pay the price as well as her. She looks like a lost soul buried way deep inside that is just going through the motions of whatever it takes to keep moving so she doesn't have to look inside. She tries to fix the outside with plastic surgery, have as many kids around to "fulfill" some weird need and yet, none of this is really enough for her. Sad and pathetic.
  • I would like to slap her!
  • She always has a stupid sarcastic grin on her face ! It appears as if she has had a lot of cosmetic surgery done to her face.
  • She is obviously mentally unstable. I am worried for those kids.
  • They need to consider condoms.
  • My mom is an octogenerian too!

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