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  • You can be jealous of someone, but that doesn't mean you're possessive of what they have.
  • Possessiveness is kindled by jealousy.
  • jealousy is when you obsess over something you DON'T have possessiveness is when you obsess over something you DO have
  • Avoid both lest you be seen as a psycho, loser and all kinds of horrible stuff. People won't understand the fact that if you are being jealous and possessive its because you are madly in love. orsts till the person you love will herself/himself call you words I mentioned above. Avoid it, its an old fashioned for of love. Try to be with modern times, tell her you love her and date someoneelse the next moment. Show her you are liberal and do not have problems when she talks to other guys so that you continue with your secret life of flirtations.
  • irrily similar
  • jealousy is being upset with what someone is doing we fear losing something when someone else gets something we thought was exclusively ours. possessiveness is trying to hold the person so close they never have a chance to make us jealous. +5

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