• More than once.
  • Yes. It was terrible. I was sick all day. Never again with that tea cup ride!!;)
  • No such ride exists. I will try anything.
  • No but I have looked at some rides and said "F-------k that!
  • Many times, ug....
  • Yep the ferris wheel. I always get partnered up with a stunt double or something that puts in a special request to stop at the top so he can swing it so hard we do circles upside down. I don't like it :(
  • No, but my youngest did after riding the Tower of Terror with Daddy last year! She was so brave and excited to finally be big enough to ride it with Daddy! She was 6 years old and made a BIG deal out of it that trip! When she rode it, she held my arm REAL tight the entire time, asking questions non-stop until the thrilling part started. And she NEVER screamed out, yelled, or cried the whole ride! When we walked off the ride with me, she was shaking a little...but not a tear in sight! She was holding my hand as we walked and she said in a very calm and clear voice (little shakes happening): "Daddy?" "Yes, honey?" "I don't want to ride that again." I laughed and gave her a big hug for being so brave! Then we got the picture to prove to everybody we rode it together and bought matching T-Shirts to show everybody that she and I were braver than Mommy and her older brother and sister! (She picked out the T-Shirts: She saw one in the gift shop that said "I suggest you take the stairs!" on the back and thought that was funny!) She's a brave little girl!
  • Just a couple. There is one ride however I've never been on. My S/O knows the ride well. I'm looking forward to it for the first time ever. He says it's a great ride.........if anyone would's him. : )
  • I don't do upside down rides anymore.
  • Yes, the first time I went on Space Mountain.
  • Yes, I don't do roller coasters.
  • I haven't been on a ride that scared me, but I have gone on a ride that injured me, so I made the commitment to never ride a cheap roller coaster at one of those county fairs ever again.
  • I will never ride that haunted hotel ride at California Adventure again. That was just an anxiety attack waiting to happen..
  • I will not get on any of those rides in the traveling fairs. I look at it like this when ever I take something apart I always seem to end up with extra parts or bolts those guys take the rides apart constantly.
  • yep... bungy jump.... OMG never again! +5
  • Yeah, when I was a kid the safety bar on the roller coaster broke. The woman in the seat next to me broke a couple of fingers holding me in. I was pretty banged up. Never again.
  • I would go on anything for the thrill, but I get motion sick and wreck everyone's day. +5
  • Yep, when I was about ten or eleven. My aunt bought me a ton of tickets for a ride called the Wild Mouse. It scared the stuffing out of me on the first ride and I refused to get back on. My aunt was amused that she had finally found something I was afraid of! hehe

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