• No. It all and...err...umm...etc.
  • Can anyone make a decent speech without a teleprompter? Only Chuck Norris could do that. Maybe George Washington.
  • Considering he did things like teach law school before becoming president.. Yes. I think he could. Which is more than can be said for Bush, who couldn't even make a decent speech with one.
  • Can anyone make a "decent" speach without a teleprompter...or some notes? Obama is not the only president who uses/has used a teleprompter.
  • You mean like G. W. Bush did? Yeah, I think Obama is well spoken.
  • Sadly,'ll see...
  • Several past Presidents have used teleprompters.
  • fact he does a better job without one - but he always goes long when he does "free form", that's why the teleprompter - to keep him on message and on time. Bush now always used a teleprompter too - and he could screw that up totally - some people just can't watch a screen and read from it at the same time.
  • I love how the right-wing acts like Obama using a teleprompter is something new. Funny how they said nary a word when Bush used one. Reagan used one also. You never hear about THAT. Newsflash: EVERY President uses prepared Speeches. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? HE WROTE IT BEFORE HAND. Anyone who thinks using prepared speeches is something unusual is both an idiot and has never actually had to give a speech themselves. Even if you know what you are going to say, it's very hard to do so without having it written out for you.
  • All the presidents use telepromters so they can say as little as possible that can be misconstrued. +5
  • Yes even if I do not agree with what he is saying he is the best Speech maker in the White House for a very long time.
  • No, and neither could any of the recent presidents.
  • having heard Obama both on and off teleprompter, I'd have to say NO, he is not capable of giving a concise speech without one. He also can't give one if David Axelrod doesn't write it for him. That was painfully obvious by the several times the prompter malfunctioned, like when he thanked himself for hosting a party...because he read the speech of the Irish PM..who the party was thrown for. I doubt the man has a clue. One doesn't need a teleprompter to convey one's core beliefs, they ought to be so ingrained in one's soul, the words are already there.
  • Lol awesome. I never even thought of that.
  • Yes but he uses "UH" alot, he kinda sucks at public speaking.
  • Many people can. I made fun of GWB quite a lot, and then saw an interview with him in 1992, in which he was using a vast vocabulary quite fluently. I'm not sure what happened between then and his presidency. Perhaps the whole not being allowed to say a whole shitload of things extends further than we know.
  • Hard to say but he usually mumbles when he doesn't have a teleprompter.
  • Yes, but when he leaves the teleprompter he starts talking his socialist (spread the wealth) cop-hating white-hating agenda, at which point his handlers pull him back or move into damage-control mode.

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