• I think they're rolling in their graves. +3
  • Yes, I think they would. Not that it's all so perfect. But because their founding ideas are still the skeleton of our country. It's flawed but still impressive.
  • They'd probably be exclaiming something along the lines of 'What the F...?'
  • They might just be confounded that they were responsible for the only revolution.
  • I think they would be mortified.
  • No.There intentions were completely different.They,for starters,wanted a loose affiliation of states,not a dominant central government that runs,for the most part,the individual states.
  • Yes, because their blueprint has created one of the greatest nations in history. Let's face it we will go down in history with the ancient roman and greek civilizations.
  • I think they would shake their heads and say, "Why did we even bother?"
  • Definitely not. If they crawled out of their graves and looked at America now, they would happily crawl right back into them!
  • Hardly..some of them would miss the slavery, most would cringe at woman voting or the poor having a say in government. They would wonder why we left some Indians live instead of exterminating the whole lot of them. They would hate the notion of "public schools", "standing armies", "Income tax", and "equality of races, religion, sexes, and sexual orientation". Our "founding fathers" were virtually all rich white Protestant men who created this country so they could get out of paying taxes to England and be even wealthier than before. They would love our roads and railways - our ships and aircraft - and our modern communication systems...but technology aside they wouldn't like the fact that some power - indeed any power - has left the hands of the rich white males and gone elsewhere. No, they would be pissed - which is a good thing - let 'em be pissed I say.
  • I am thinking along the lines of our Native American family I remember a quote I read from a very wise man that turned me on to the ways of our true ForeFathers: . "As you walk this path, know that we, and the Ancient Fathers walk beside you."
  • What they see at first would marvel them. When they analyzed how it came to be like that. I certainly hope they would open there mouth and give us an earful These days to many good men and woman are not speaking up....
  • No they absolutely would not.
  • Our forefathers were quite conservative. I doubt they would approve of todqay's adminisrtaton.
  • I can't see any reason why my ancestors would have any feelings about America. None of them ever saw the country.
  • It's hard to say. I think they would like some things that have changed but then a lot of things have changed for the worst since the founding of our great nation. And just as the Greeks and Romans had their greatness and fell, so shall it be with this great nation. over all I think they would be like, "What the hell did ya do with this nation?"
  • Most powerful state on the face of the planet, a beacon for people looking for personal freedoms, still governed under the most successful constitution ever written, campaigning for democracy world wide, no corner of the globe untouched by our influenced, no king, no quartering of soldiers, a civilian-run government with a civilian as the head of the military. Yeah, I think that they'd be damned proud.
  • Some parts yes. Other parts no.
  • Who freaking cares? They're not the ones living in these times. We are.
  • A very interesting question. I think they would be so confused and amazed about what they see that they wouldn't have any opinion until all their questions would be answered. They will be thrilled when they get to see the technological progress, but disturbed about the social environment, like the way kids and women behave, dress and look. It would be too much of a roller coaster ride for them.
  • Not at all, and this goes for both sides of the fence, we have the patriot act, people swearing that America is a christian nation, we sanction torture, we try to police other nations while neglecting our own people. we detain people without due process, I don't believe our forefathers would be pleased at all at what we, as a country have become.
  • Current office holders would be shamed into resignation. As to the electorate, we would be in for the most humiliating ass chewing of our lives. After what we've done to what they risked everything to build for us.
  • LOL...Proud? Proud that the Monetary Systems are the ones who truly run the country and manipulate us without us knowing? YEAH they would be pretty STOKED, NOT. Everything they OUTLINED PERFECTLY for us has been beaten up by a bunch of GREEDY BANKERS!!! You have no clue what's about to come next...sit back and watch the show...The Revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!!! That's for sure.
  • Up until Obama entered office, I think they would be outraged especially over the last two decades.
  • They would decidedly proclaim, "Our gosh, what have we done"...

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