• That's a little unusual.
  • That is weird. He should want to spend time alone with you to get better acquainted before introducing friends into the picture. Being that attached to his friend may indicate that he'll have trouble bonding with you. Maybe he's not ready for a serious relationship. But you should go on one more date just to see what happens. If he brings the friend again, then you can decide what action to take.
  • was his best friend a he or a she. i would say it was weird. did he need a chaperone?
  • I wouldn't say weird or normal...just unusual. Some people both male and female use chaperones. It's an old custom for sure, but maybe he wanted his friend's opinion of you. Or even better yet, perhaps he didn't want things to go too far between the two of you on the first date. Maybe he just wanted to keep things "honorable." IF that's the THIS day and age, that's a good thing. I certainly hope that was the case.
  • If the BF was a chaperone- unusual, but probably a good idea. If the BF kept you two from getting to know each other- then weird.

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