• No. I've been lied to, to "stop me getting hurt", believe me, I was more hurt from the lie. The truth would of upset me but the lie has really hurt and given me a big trust issue.
  • Doctors do it all the time. it must be okay.
  • I think that would depend on the context. Though lying is wrong no matter what, if your intention is to help someone, it would depend. for example, "why are we going to your apartment?" "because I have to get my coat" (couple arrives at apartment "SURPRISE!!!" surprise birthday party.
  • Its ok if they will never find out and if the "knowledge" of the lie doesn't hurt them in the future, such as if you lied about a bill being paid and in fact you hadn't, thats a no-no. Other than that, I'm ok with lying to make someone happy. Such as their appreances or that my friends like them. Something along those lines are ok to fib about.

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