• Yes. It like lullaby for me.
  • I like to have the tv on for a while before I go to sleep...I turn the tv off when I think I can fall asleep...
  • I have the radio on to sleep. R&B music helps me relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Some nights I find a late movie on the TV and that helps me go to sleep by getting my mind off of other things.
  • My computer monitor is on screensaver mode all night displaying a photo gallery slideshow endlessly. Why? I felt like I was getting bitten by spiders at night. I'd wake up with what looked like fang marks. I wanted some light to catch them by. One week I gave up and shut it down. After five days I woke up in the dark with an itchy nose. Upon scratching it I found something gross on my hand, turned on the light and found I'd just killed a spider on my face. I haven't slept with the monitor off since.
  • Radio. Tv is visually distracting for me. Radio is calming. I also learned that having noise in the room keeps you from being disturbed by every little sound. It also drowns out the noise of others.
  • I sleep with the radio on in the rare occasions I am in the house alone at night.

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