• It shouldn't really. It was meant to be. It was God who made the down-rater do that. It must be God's little test of the day... It surely is part of God's larger schema of universe! * All faith is schizophrenia, really, why should schizophrenics get paranoids about downrates?!
  • was it because of your faith , or because of your comments or tone ?
  • Most decent people wont downrate for a belief in Jesus. However, a lot of people will downrate if a comment expressing a belief in Jesus is coupled with bigotry, or outright stupidity/ignorance. If you get a downrate, and what you said was neither offensive or unhelpful, and you are pretty sure that the user downrated you for your religion, rather than anything relevant, just ignore them. Their goal is to annoy you, so get revenge by not letting it bother you.
  • It bothers me when I get downrated for my religious beliefs, especially if no comment is given to indicate how my answer was wrong.
  • Why should I care how a poster rates anyway? Certainly not.
  • That doesn't bother me, but it does bother me when people leave comments about you, your family, God, Jesus, and you mental state because you have faith in Jesus. This happens to me all the time. Example.
  • When I first started getting a downrate for anything bothered me including my faith. Now It does not bother me in the least. Reason because I know that they are hurting themselves and all I see is a little red minus number that never comes off my points collected. Some are misinformed and think a downrate will mess up their percentages on their questions and answers but this is not true. those percentages work on submissions and removals and not downrates. However their points given percentages will go down painting them as a ugly member who judges others for their opinions. So no I am not bothered at all by downrates any more.
  • Not in the least. It doesn't reflect on me, it reflects on them. And the Bible says that we will be blessed when we are persecuted for His sake, so all they are doing is racking up points for me in heaven where it counts, each time they take away points here, where they have no value.
  • Its the same if a person doesnt give you an uprate for answering their question.
  • DR's don't ever bother me, whatever the reason. Why? Because I think they are silly Because a DR is all about the person who gives it and has nothing to do with me. So if someone feels good when they DR and I don't care then everybody wins! :)
  • If you let it bother you, then you have played right into their hands. I just ignore any DR's I receive.
  • No, but I do try to figure out who the rat fink is!
  • Lol, i'm still level 1, i'm practically begging for points! Jesus said we would face persecution, but this is nothing.
  • I don't care if you believe you can fly using pop cycle sticks as wings..go for it! BUT when you try to cram it down my gullet as if YOU have proof that Jebus was some sort of god when none has ever existed then I get a bit testy. Belief is one thing..forcing it on others is quite another.

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