• Dropping the F bomb very loudly sometimes many times in a row
  • THere are many cures for frustration it just depends on what the person enjoys the most. You could: -Take a long drive with good music and go somewhere that makes you feel happy, comfortable. -Long relaxing bubble bath, music,candles,some lavendar oil in your bath and a a nice wine or beer or whatever. (If you have a partner, have them jump in and give you a massage.) -Go to a quite park or cafe and write in your journal. -If you live next to the ocean go for a walk and just relax and enjoy the view. -If you really feel like getting that anger out then you should do some kickboxing at the gym. The list is endless, but you get the hint. Just try to relax and forget about that frusturation for a while and focus on yourself. Once you are calmer you can think a bit clearer and find solutions to your frusturations. Hope some of this tips helped. Bella...
  • I would say; get yourself a hobby, like building model cars, to playing simple video games. Also, A good way that will remove frustration is to buy a punching bag and just let out all of your frustrations.
  • Fix the problem.

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