• I don't know if its wrong, but I know I don't want any.
  • No more than certain cultures who eat pigs and cows, or certain cultures who refuse to eat pigs and cows while their people starve on the streets.
  • No its not wrong, in the U.S. we eat cows and Brahmans are against that, but they don't try and tell everyone else not to eat cows.
  • It is wrong to us but not to them, just as the Hindus think it's wrong to eat cows. +5
  • Is it wrong that certain cultures eat cows and pigs? Also, I think it's really quite annoying that we can eat as many cows as we like, but not people.
  • No. Dogs and cats are part of the food chain just like any other animals, including humans. :-)
  • Not to me. Millions are starving. Even predatory animals have enough sense to eat whatever's around when they're hungry. It's part of the food chain. My culture doesn't eat them, but looks down on abusing them. I'd say we found a very happy medium. +5
  • Dogs and cats have larger brains and more complex nervous systems than most of the animals we eat in the West, (pigs being the exception). The experience and perception of pain and fear is therefore a greater concern. Also, in cultures where dogs and cats are eaten the preparation of those animals is usually demi-ritualised with live-skinning and so on a part of the preparation process, which it is generally not for other mammals consumed there. So, in terms of right and wrong as we understand it, yes, it simply is wrong.
  • No. It is no more a moral wrong to eat a cat than it is to eat a cow or chicken. As long as it is legal in their country, it is not wrong at all.
  • Obviously not to them. I do occasionaly go to a chinese restaurant, so it would be hypocritical of me to condemn other cultures for doing it, when I do it every time I eat Chinese. LOL Good question. +3
  • Not at all. However in "Western culture", specifically North American of European decent it is a virtual "taboo" to eat dogs and cats and is highly discouraged. Frankly - we should take steps to modify our consumption of animal based proteins in our diet, it consumes too many resources for the dietary benefit that we derive from it. I'm not for a complete elimination of animal based foodstuffs - just a modification in the annual consumption amounts. I have seen numbers where it shows it takes 100 times the resources to produce one pound of beef based protein compared to it's vegetable based counterpart. I'm a "hunter", I shoot Bambi, and I love my steaks and pork chops - but meat production takes a heavy resource toll on the worlds ecosystem - and some revisions in diet would be prudent.
  • No more than eating cows or pigs. Or snakes, frogs, snails, mice, horses, or whatever any particular culture agrees to. In several cultures, even today in the 21st century, humans are considered acceptable as food. . I heard a fascinating but appalling story from a cannibal woman who grew up in New Guinea. I learned that a "New Guinea icebox" is a cage where prisoners of intertribal war are kept until it's time to cook them. And FYI, several American Indian tribes were cannibals, the best known being the Karankawa of Texas. They're extinct now.
  • What is wrong is the fact that certain cultures (i.e. Americans) take it upon themselves to decide what is right or wrong for other cultures
  • Not any wronger than eating pigs, cows, deers etc.
  • I have no problem with any culture eating any animal. I only have concerns that the animals are treated humanely and are dispatched as painlessly as possible. I think it is hypocritical to think it wrong to eat "cuddly" animals but to eat beef, lamb etc. I own a horse but have no problem with those who eat horse flesh if there is no abuse of the animal.
  • the swiss and the chinese eat dogs
  • not for me to judge i eat cows, pigs, chickens and and and +5
  • What we eat is based on necessity. In some regions the land is not suitable for grazing cattle, or even for sustaining swine. Dogs and cats tend to reproduce readily, sometimes overmultiply, and they grow fast. Therefore they can make for a food source in the absence of anything else. People will eat them if they get hungry enough, regardless of cultural view. For example, many French berate asians for eating dogs. However, during the seige of Paris during the 1870 Franco-Prussian war, no food could enter the city. Essentially all dogs, cats, and zoo animals were slaughtered for food.

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