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  • Its the best way to live life when your young. you have all the power to yourself without any chains to hold you down. For me I love it because whats better for a guy who takes care of himself, dresses nice, has everything clean and taking care of, makes money, has a nice ride, still able to do the hobies that he loves to do, attends college, meets new ppl, talks to girls, works out, has no restrictions or rules to follow from a girlfriend or wife, still hangs out with the guys, plays pick up games ( basketball football) on the weekdays. If you ask me, I'd say I love the way my single life is going right about now. Me personally I would be more interested settling down with someone serious when im around 28 or 29. Buy hey you never know life is full of suprises that speacial someone might pop up early in life. But if your young I say enjoy life as much as you can because you only live once.
  • I love it!! and NO I am NOT young.. I love being able to do as I want, come when i want and go when I feel like it.. I date when and where and whom I want.. it is the greatest!! (I also spend what I want to, when and where i want to)
  • I think single life is awful in a certain way. It’s great if you like to be alone and do what you want when you feel like it, but once you get to a certain age then you start to hate it. I am speaking for myself because everyone is different. I am 32 and I hate it. I do not enjoy being alone. I have my family and friends, but there is still something missing. Companionship It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to have that someone in your life that you can share your life experiences with, enjoy life, the world, dreams, love….
  •'s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick....;-D... . . .
  • I love being single right now in my life. I get to focus on me and my future plans rather than compromising for another. I don't have any baggage or obligations because of my single status as well. :D
  • It is not that much fun unless you like to do things alone.
  • I have had 4 long term relationships one after the other. My relationship work is done now. I am single and love being free of that life.
  • I like it because I know that there are many beautiful girls for me to choose from.
  • love it
  • I think it kinda sucks myself... :(
  • It's rewarding and frustrating at the same time. I have so much time to learn and grow and do the things I love. I feel very free! But, it can be such a bummer to go out and do those things and have nobody to share them with. Sometimes I have a bad day and start to wonder if I'm really single by choice, or because nobody wants to date me. And then I start thinking other ridiculous, negative things as well. It's a balancing act I guess. Overall, I really enjoy it but still have moments of doubt.
  • i was in deep love now am single...its fun u feel more free but u just dont feel complete. u miss the love, passion happiness...memmories oftenfloat in and out of my mind......
  • I'd say that being single is the best thing ever, with the one exception of lonliness. As long as you have some good friends it isn't so bad. Not to say that they completely fill the void, but it does make it easier. My opinion is that you have to be cool with being alone before you can be of any value in a relationship though.
  • I like it. I'm independent and I can do whatever I want and whenever I want. I see my family three times a year. I'm not an outgoing person.
  • i'm single and i love it i've had short relationships which i've enjoyied but i prefer to be single
  • You get used to it. It can be boring at times. I was single, even when I was married.
  • I personally am loving the single life. I'm 21 and have been single for a year - it's very liberating to do as you like, whenever you please. There's no need to feel guilty about anything, and I have enjoyed several dates here and there, but haven't wanted anything serious. I've also managed to travel a lot and meet so many interesting people. I think eventually I will want to settle down into a stable relationship, but for now I'm having a great time, and spending quality time with friends and family too. :-)
  • Fantastic!, Not having to answer to someone for everything you do is great, I can have my friends round anytime! I can do as I please when I please, Also I'm not walking on eggshells either!! :-/
  • I met someone recently...But it is very new. Way to soon to tell if he actually likes me as much as I already know I do him.
  • Great, Many different thoughts arise in my mind. I can do what ever I wish. That's really an independent life.
  • I don't like it. I've been single for a long, long time. I do enjoy not having to answer to anyone..and I love getting alone time...but I just miss having a special guy to be with.
  • I enjoy it. I am single completely by choice. I have more freedom, more time to myself, etc. It is wonderful.

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