• I've always heard it was "So, hows the weather?" "Think we might get some rain soon?" LOL That sort of questions. +5
  • Nah... Lowest form of conversation, far as I'm concerned, is asking what the lowest form of conversation is, and giving an example you probably most recently saw or heard. Besides... Most of my questions are about memories! :-P
  • I think gossip is the lowest form of conversation. "Remember when", while it may not be intellectually stimulating, does fulfill other conversational purposes, such as uniting people around a shared memory, inciting laughter and enjoying a close moment.
  • no not at all, it can bring on some great funny moments that phrase.........
  • not the lowest, but in this economy, tiring. I've heard alot, of "remember when" recently:)
  • not at all - it's great tp reminicse
  • No; I love when people share their memories. Gossip is the lowest form; IMHO.
  • Asking bout the weather sucks... I always say hey remember when... It's the pre ground work to some of the best stories I have ever heard. :D
  • No, I love the remember when's with my friends....So many memories!
  • No I love trips down memory lane with friends I have know for a very long time. Old laughs never wear out.
  • No, I have a lot of fond memories. +5
  • I think that depends on what is the subject of the 'remember when'. Personally I think it is not quite usefull to have 'remember when' converstation. Why would I sit somewhere with someone and discuss a sitution that has already taken place and I cannot change anything about. However if someone actually refers to maybe a historical event, I will not consider it the lowest form of converstation. If you are aiming at gossip, than I would say yes, it is the lowest form. I am not much of a gossiper, I am way to uninterested ^^.
  • I don't have to worry about conversation.............I'm married
  • I usually just say "remember when" I kicked you in the nuts for starting a conversation like that...then you know what happens...

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