• ..oh yea...many times in Arizona..hummers and doves and many more..... we had these little round porthole like windows that I had to put up stencils because they had so many smackdowns...
  • Yes. The same bird attempted to fly through my living room window three times before it finally died. My cat was practically seizing by the time it was all over.
  • worse thing i ever had was when a bird hit my car ... it hit right at the base of my windshield wiper arm and it split it wide open ... leaving a trail of innards and blood up my windshield ... and since it was near the air vent, my car smelled horribly until i could get it to a car wash to clean out ...
  • Not at my house, but I remember finding a dead hummingbird that died this way in our 3rd grade classroom.
  • The only one I can remember was when I was a youngster and I spooked a cubby of quail outside of the house and one of them flew into the window and broke its neck.
  • No, but one shat on my head a long time ago!
  • Not personally, but there is a document on the web, that should be easy enough to find where one male duck, being chased by another, crashes into an office window breaks his neck and then falls dead to the ground. The other, pursuant duck, then proceeds to rape the dead duck. This article/story is the first documented post-mortem, homosexual duck raping. It's true, it's fascinating, and it relates enough to the question that I though people might find it interesting. It happened in Germany, btw, but the documentation is in English
  • I have and found out that during the day time the window acts like a mirror and reflects like a mirror when the bird aims at it just right. It only would happen in the front where the sun would hit the big picture window. I talked to a man at the CO.OP and he said buy a ceramic owl and place it close. The smaller birds will see the owl and stay away. He said it also works well in the garden to keep birds out. Problem solved.
  • Yes, a number of times. They usually break their neck.
  • Yes, it has happened three times. 2 of those the poor little fellas didn't make it.
  • yes... the other day me and a buddy were driving down the of those big UGLY black birds came at full force from the drivers side.i saw it comeing but didnt think he was actually gonna do what i was thinking he was gonna do.....well...he flew in and ran right into my friend. there were other people who saw this and it was so freaking funny i came close to peeing in my pants...well a few drips may have escaped... his name is mark,so now when someone has something happen (as funny as that) we all say "YOU'VE BEEN MARKED!!!" i laugh so hard when i think about it.its truely a classic
  • It used to happen all the time at my old house. I had two big windows on either side of a corner ( a nice big open living room with an extra wide panoramic view ). The birds used to think the could fly right through and would crash into the glass, that they couldn't see. Whenever I kept the drapes closed they would fly around, I assume it was because they couldn't see through.
  • yes i had a wood pecker crash into my window and it broke its neck. it is bad luck in the old wives tales to have a bird crash into your window it usually means that someone in your family or you know well will die.
  • Yes! I raced it to the vet on foot in a potholder. It died. Broke its neck. I was chasing it trying to get it back into its cage. I never forgave myself for that.
  • Not at our place, but Mum and Dad have. Often, thankfully, they are more stunned than dead, and recover after a while - sometimes a few hours. It's lucky there's very few cats around their place! I do remember a large pheasant flying into the wall of a garage at our neighbours many years ago. That was SO sad. It died and we buried it. It was a beautiful bird. I like to think that all the birdies know that someone thinks about them even years later, making their lives worthwhile :)
  • We had it happen so many times at my office we put a piece of red tape across the window. That stopped it.
  • On a car journey once, when I was about 12, a small bird sliced through the slightly open window landing between myself and my sister. It opened and closed its mouth a few times before slowly closings it's eyes. It was bleeding from a large cut in its neck. It was quite upsetting.
  • They leave those greatly detailed feather outlines behind! Cool. ;-)
  • My ex brother-in-law once did that too! ;-)
  • I have a HUGE window in my livingroom and French Doors on the back deck. Birds are always flying into both of 'em because they see trees in the reflection. If I hear it happen I go and guard the little guy/gal until they can fly so the cats don't eat 'em. . Only one time did one die and it was a Cedar Wax Wing and it broke it's neck. My son buried it in the back yard. :-) +5
  • Yes...both when I was once in my car...did not have a chance to slow down & avoid the bird....& also a big window at the house I lived in prior to this one. They flew into that window alot!

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