• Probably about how hard the seat is!
  • I hope he doesn't make my bum look big
  • It is actually supposed to be the Italian author Dante thinking about The Inferno.
  • Who took my clothes while I was in the shower.
  • He's not thinking; he's constipated.
  • I think he's deciding what to order from the Chinese.
  • I think he's thinking about how to pay Stableboy back for sacriliging his pose.
  • He's thinking, "Why the heck didn't this guy sculpt me some frickin clothes. It gets down right chilly sometimes."
  • Here's what Rodin himself wrote about his intention, taken from "The Thinker has a story. In the days long gone by I conceived the idea of the Gates of Hell. Before the door, seated on the rock, Dante thinking of the plan of the poem behind him... all the characters from the Divine Comedy. This project was not realized. Thin ascetic Dante in his straight robe separated from all the rest would have been without meaning. Guided by my first inspiration I conceived another thinker, a naked man, seated on a rock, his fist against his teeth, he dreams. The fertile thought slowly elaborates itself within his brain. He is no longer a dreamer, he is a creator.
  • How do I walk or run home without exposing my privates.
  • Why the heck he cannot move!
  • I think he's thinking about how long its gonna take for Rodin to finish carving him out! I love this statue... arguably one of the greatest works of art ever made.
  • "I wonder if somebody will ever ask what I am thinking?"
  • (Long answer) I don't know. But I'd be willing to bet that Rodin would be very pleased to know we are still looking at his work and asking that question! Beyond that, I wonder what Rodin, himself, had in mind by creating that sculpture! Why? Did he have hopes that we human beings would pause and do as The Thinker is doing .. and THINK? Could take that on all sorts of levels. Sculpture and paintings and well, any "art" created by man or woman does many things for us .. The Thinker included: 1) We stop our everyday life even if just for the number of minutes we spend to LOOK at someone's creative work. In those moments, a work does or doesn't speak us. We are enriched or changed right there on the spot to whatever degree we are "open" to that "communication" btw the artist's soul and our own. 2) This sculpture in particular? It's always seemed universal to me. Not "a" man but a human form representative of "all" human beings .. men, women and children. We have brains and the ability to think. It is one part of our humanity distinguishing us from other mammals. Thus, the art shows us what "our race" is capable of .. should we choose. 3) Finally, I have no idea if Rodin intended this or if it's just how I interpret it for me ... (which is ok with art - art as "spark" not final answer!) ... but I see The Thinker as a gentle reminder to include CONTEMPLATION as a part of our everyday life. In fact, a reminder that without that, we human beings simply toss about in current streams of being .. but take no role in our direction. And so .. we have to choose to stop .. arise out of the rolling waters .. come to a rock or cliff .. and THINK. Take responsibility for our lives and choices. THEN get back in the water .. (Smiling) Thank you for your question. Found it interesting! :)
  • "Is this pose macho enough?"
  • The world's longest dump, since 1902
  • What will we do if Obama gets elected
  • Should I sell that G.M. stock now, or should I hold it?
  • WTF? (Yes, I'm saying that's what he's thinking.)
  • Why am I just sitting here and thinking?
  • Whether or not he and the "Burghers" should pass through the "Gates of Hell"
  • "I don't get it...I put the lime in the coconut, but nothing happened....maybe I am missing something..."
  • Wow, I wish I would have not eaten that Habanero last night.
  • That just doesnt make any sense...everyone seemed to LOVE Norman Gentle but he didnt make it to the final round on American Idol...he was so entertaining. I'm so confused, we all voted for him...I even voted twice.
  • "Here I sit broken hearted, tried to shit but only farted!"
  • Man, that nurse said that the doctor would see me soon... what's taking him so long?
  • Did I leave the iron on?

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