• I can't think of one particular product at the moment, but I know they have astringents made for that purpose. Look around the health and beauty aids department in CVS or one of those stores.
  • avon pore minimizer really works.
  • Hi! If you are having trouble with enlarged pores I have some tips that may assist you. First, after your moisturizer apply a smoothing primer such as Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifier. This will smooth your complexion and hide pores without clogging them. Also, I have heard that dabbing buttermilk with a cotton ball and leaving on for 15 minutes before rinsing extremely helps. It sounds strange but I believe it works! I hope this helps you.
  • Try cleaning your face with an alcohol pad to deep clean the pores, then use a good skin cream to reverse the drying effect of the alcohol.
  • Ice, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, sugar scrub, baking soda, Fuller's earth, lemon juice, cucumber, yogurt, oatmeal.
  • 5-18-2017 One third of the body's waste products comes out through your pores. (The rest comes out in urine. Fat is broken down into CO2 and water and comes out through the lungs.) If you could actually get rid of pores, you would die of pollution in a few days. You need to learn a few things so you can figure out what you are actually talking about and then maybe you can plan something that makes more sense.

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