• So they won't run away and get lost. (p.s. leashes)
  • Maybe 'cause they don't know how to educate them, and violence is the easy way..
  • offer to babysit that child for 2 hours and you will understand.
  • I can tell you've never had kids.
  • So we don't have to put out Amber Alert number 32 million.
  • I think they do so they do not lose the child in a crowd. +5
  • Because this society frowns on parents actually disciplining their children.
  • I suppose to control their movements. But that is the weirdest damn thing I have ever seen. I can not imagine what sort of neuroses are lurking in those poor kids futures. Really absolutely awful.
  • I personally do not like leashes for kids. I raised 3 girls and have always used stollers or have held their hand when stroller are outgrown.
  • because they like to keep control of them
  • they can't afford GPS tracker systems.
  • Because choke chains could be misconstrued.
  • Because it allows them to be on their feet and moving around in areas where it would be too dangerous to allow them to roam loos, or even holding hands. E.g. near main roads: a child who decides to let go of a hand and chase the shiny paper can be under a car's wheels in one second. Since the alternative is to keep them chained to the pushchair (stroller), the leash gives more freedom.
  • Cause it's funny as hell
  • Because children can run off, or be taken especially if the parents lose sight of them in a crowd.
  • I do not agree with harnesses. But there is a cute substitute that does not look like animal-leash. There are two velcro straps at each end of something like a telephone receiver cord. When the kid does not want the stroller and their arms are tired from holding them up so high to hold hands, we used this to give them some movement. The parent has the identical strap on the wrist. For the girls we said our bracelets and for the boys, it was the buckles. The kids even asked to put them on. I was traveling alone with a two year old at the airport and had these on. My arms were full and had double the amount of carry on with diapers, etc. A nut comes up to me and says I'm treating my daughter like an animal. He didn't offer to help me tho. +4
  • I totally agree with using leashes i wouldnt use that name for it though, theyre are so many weirdos killers rapist who would love a crack at your beautiful child. honestly are comments and weird looks really worth losing your child...no0o0o!!!
  • If you have been in a busy shopping centre with a very inquisitive and lively child and you had already lost one child to a predator , I can assure you you would be very grateful to have that constant contact with your young one.
  • Like Barbiedoll, I used a lead between me and my son. It was necessary as my son was very active from an early age. From two years old he never had afternoon naps and never stayed in a push chair. In fact, a stroller became a problem because he would jump over the side and run and then I had to leave the stroller chase him and then hope no one had run off with anything when I got back. Using the lead gave him a bit of freedom and me some peace of mind. He was just a very inquisitive child and wanted to see and explore everything. We even had to padlock our six foot gates as he climbed up to open them. He wanted out in the world and using a lead was a safe way to let him explore. Of course, when we were at the park or beach he could run loose.
  • cause their runners???

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