• I do, unless it is spam/offensive or I do not get an alert anymore to tell me (which has happened)
  • Everyone gets a positive, it might take time for me to get to everyone. The only time I don't is if their answer has nothing to do with my question.
  • I do alway's - Unless it is offensive
  • I rate up every *credible* answer.
  • I don't ask many questions, but I rated YOU up for a good one!
  • I also do my friend to show my appreciation for their given time. Except if offensive. There are boundaries.
  • Sometimes I do. I also tend to mark up anyone who has been marked down for a question or honest answer.
  • If I ask an opinion question, I rate everyone up. If it's a factual question, I rate up everyone that answered correctly and fully. I'm all for being chummy but I can't see giving a wrong answer a positive rating. The thing I don't do is rate answers down.
  • I do, they deserve it if they take the time to answer
  • I try very hard to positively rate everyone who answers my questions (all three or you) and to give some comment. If someone answers in a very offensive way I will usually just not rate them at all and not give them a negative rating.
  • Every time,It does'nt matter if there are 100 answers,I still give each and every person a positive rating cause thats how I thank them for answering my Question,even if the answer was of no use to me,they still took time out to answer my question.
  • Since they took the time to answer, yes I do. Even if the answer doesn't really answer the question, and is meant to only be funny.
  • Yes, I give points as a "thank you" for taking the time to answer my question. If it was offensive I wouldn't, but fortunately I haven't run across that yet.
  • Yeah, I do most of the time. When I can't, in good conscience, uprate a serious answer with max points, I'll either leave a comment thanking the person for his/her efforts, explaining why I left the answer unrated OR I'll simply give the answer two or three points and move on. I ignore replies like, "I don't know" or "Yes, someone can tell you that" because they're not helpful.
  • no, I usually rate everyone who took the time to answer the question, but I have a gotten a few (very few) offensive answers or answers that did not answer the question even in a joking way. I flag the offensive ones and simply do not give or take points from the pointless answers. Otherwise, I give out points like candy, whether the person has the same opinion or not. If someone answers a question incorrectly I still give them a point or two for taking the time to answer, and leave a comment pointing out that I suspect their answer in incorrect.
  • I always rate positive, if I agree with the answer or not, Its great somone took the time to answer me and its the least I can do. If I disagree, I leave a comment, but still a positive rateing.
  • If their anwser was helpful or they seemed serious about it and took time to try to answer it, yes, I always give points. If they didn't answer it or if they were rude to some of the other answerers, then I might ignore them. I never give negatives for answering a question.
  • I will always rate anyone who has taken the time to answer my question, unless, of course, they are being insulting or abusive. In that instance i would probably rate them down or ignore them completely. Thanks for asking this question! +2
  • When I ask a Question I read and rate every answer and always keep going back to check to make sure that later answers have not slipped through.

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