• no but thats very funny though.what an imagination.
  • Not at all. It's better than being called a stink-butt baboon face.
  • no. those are terms of endearment compared to the names i was called by my kids at that age.
  • gosh i don't know but give the dear credit that is creative ! could be your new pet name and is original...
  • wooo, im so sry 4 that , something is wrong between you , you talk should communicate more...and he is a 9 yrs old child
  • no not really
  • Yes you should she called you these Evil = Bitch Taco = Vagina Hippo = Morbidly Obese But if all is true you shouldn't be mad.
  • Well yes, because a 9 year old should NOT be talking to you that way! She is basically calling you over weight and that is unacceptable at that age. I think that she owes you an sincere apology.
  • I am sure I should say yes, but my first reaction was that it was a great line for a 9 year year old. I was impressed. Try to be firm and not laugh when you tell her why she was wrong to say that.
  • I don't think so, I would ask her why she said it and what it meant to her...If it's not nice I wouldn't get angry! Just tell her that it hurts your feelings when she speaks to you like that...if you want to take it one step further ask her how she feels if her friends call her names????? hug and let it go...That's what I would like to think I would do! I bet she's a great girl!

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