• Yes it is. First you need to decide which system you going to program for, i.e., Windows, Apple, or some flavor of Linux. Then you have to decide which programming language you want to learn. Here are a couple of links that would get you started with Visual C# NET, for Windows, the first if for some resources, the second is for a free IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which you use to write, compile, debug and run your programs:
  • I have been in programming since the sixties. I found out that the most important thing is thinking logically. Be able to write down exactly what you want to do and draw a flow chart. Once you know exactly how to do something the language is secondary. I learned Cobol on my own when I was a computer operator. I then went through the company's computer class faster than anyone else ever did. There are many Javascript tutorials on the web. That is a good language to start with since you do not need a web site or any other software than a browser. Anything you write can be run on your own computer without the internet. Look at my web site to see how elaborate Javascript can be. Look especially at the large number calculator.
  • i think its possible, just look it up on the web

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