• Hmmm.......very interesting question. Allow me to explain something to you. I'm not sure if it would answer your question, so I would appreciate if you provide me with a feedback. I was a young up and coming 100 and 200mtrs track runner in college. In an (foolishness) unrelated to my sport situation, I broke my right ankle in two parts. The ankle healed with treatment and time but it healed in a funny way. I couldn't, afterward, regain my speed (10.2). That was the end of my track & field dream. I did cry for almost a month about it. Was it acceptable for me to cry?
  • I have seen grown men crying in the UK just because their football team has been relegated to a lower division or lost the match.I can never understand why they do it.
  • Athletes - yes. Spectators - only if they bet their life savings on the game +3
  • Yes, I cry all the time over Sports , so I see no reason why a guy should not get emotional over them too.

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