• Head games are mine.
  • I'm at it right now.My life is toilet water without AB.*+++++*
  • Nothing you could do to me or anyone I love would cause me to end my life...nothing!! God help your soul if you even tried...
  • Many times over the years I had often thought I was approaching the breaking point. But the thought itself makes me pick myself up and go ahead with such vigor that the braking point looks far away. I think people with well entrenched survival insticts do not have a breaking point at all.
  • I think my breaking point is when I am left by the people I thought loved me. Ive always had a fear of abandonment.. with good reason.
  • i have hit so many times, i would say when it comes to my kids lifes and doctors say my boy is not going to make it but he did and i got happy real fast, but i hit my point again this week my spine may kill me just found out so just waitn now. life is everything i am layd back easy going at most points but when i hear of someone going to die or is then i snap real fast.
  • I don't have one...
  • I have not found my breaking point as of yet, thankfully. Are you alright, do you need some help?
  • My lowest low that should have been my breaking point"By the grace of God Go I" I was in a relationship my s/o was absolutely beautiful, he commit suicide,I loved him. I identified his body and wanted to join him, tried, a couple weeks later after spreading his ashes and unbelievably failed. I have told about 2 people about tunnel experience I s/o was there telling me it was to soon .....I know people will think I'm crazy, it doesn't matter here because you don't know me and if you judge me I'm OK with it. I That was my worst,

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