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  • GUYS ANSWER THIS i try to get my boyfriend to talk dirty to me thru text but he wont do it? he uses the excuse im working . and when hes home.. he says i rather have this conversation in person. its getting annoying is it he just dont wana or dont know wat to say. what kinda things can i say to make him do it.. or get him so excited that he wants to
  • Some people find it awkward to talk dirty
  • You need to give your boyfriend a blue ribbon for NOT dirty texting you at your workplace. He's making an excuse, right, but it is for your benefit. What if your supervisor and coworkers saw the messages?? You're not paid to read and answer/send text messages while on the job.. that is misusing company time. Your boyfriend must think an awful lot of you to take that stand. Do as he asks.He sounds like he has his head on straight.
  • I think you should sit him down, in a non-sexual situation, and tell him how much his talking dirty means to you. I would also give him some examples of what you want him to say. Be sure to ask him what he enjoys as well. Remember also, that you should never try to force anyone to do anything sexually that they do not want to do. Good luck! +5
  • There are a number of reasons he may not want to do this. Number one - he's probably very uncomfortable with the idea. Most men are very uncomfortable discussing sexual subjects. It doesn't seem like it on the internet because there's this illusion of anonymity here, but it is true. Second - very closely related to the first - communicating via text is not very private. If he doesn't know you very well... or perhaps, a bit too well (I don't know you, so I can't make a judgement on this, sorry if it offends you), he may be afraid you'll share his messages with friends. That would be absolutely mortifying to most men. Much as men may joke around, they really don't want such messages floating around with their names attached. Third, and I mention this because this would be my own personal issue with it, what are his religious views on the matter? Have you discussed them with him? Perhaps he views it as religiously questionable. It could be any of these reasons, or yet another. Bottom line: I can't tell you. Sit him down and have a talk about it. Find out why he doesn't want to talk dirty. It may surprise you.
  • He might not know how. Women are big on words. Show him some examples - I assume there are some on the internet somewhere but I'm disinclined to look up sexting archives at the moment. . What he probably doesn't realize is that doing this can mean that you will leap upon him with great vigor when you get home.
  • I had/have the same problem with my bf. I would send dirty texts and get very normal responses back. Normally he likes to dirty talk during sex or even on the phone with me. I talked to him about why he doesn't dirty text back and he says it just seems very impersonal to him, which makes sense. I still send him dirty texts and I told him I'm not going to stop so he can just ignore them or play along (said it in a nice way), it's his choice. Recently I sent him a picture text..nothing naked just an upskirt shot, and I got a dirty text back to that! So basically just talk to him and listen and make him feel comfortable and he might eventually come around. Just don't expect him to come around, only hope. Guys are insecure too and the more comfortable they feel the dirtier they will be :D If you're going to send pics, I suggest no face in it and not naked. He is going to show his friends because guys like to brag about what they have. If he promises not to show anyone it means he's showing 1 or 2 close friends instead of 4 or 5. Also, suggestive rather than naked leaves a lot to the imagination, but you're his gf, so I'm sure you know what he likes to see.
  • i forgot to mention, when I sent the pic I sent it with a loving message, not a dirty one. I thought he would prefer a loving message to create more intimacy to offset the dirty pic, which seemed to help because I got a dirty response back.

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