• Ha ha...good question.
  • Well he only did it to free the slaves and screw with Abe. He's a cautious dude.
  • 1) Some instances of God killing children: "1. Genesis 7:21-23 All creatures, outside of Noah’s ark, that stirred on Earth, (including men, women and babies) the Biblical God did murder by drowning." "2. Revelation 4:11 God created mankind for His Own pleasure then God destroyed (murdered) men, women and their babies when He wasn’t pleased." "3. Genesis 19:1-26 God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. He murdered all the people, including all the innocent children. Lot’s wife turned to look at the carnage. God murdered her by turning her into a pillar of salt." "6. Exodus 12:29 God murdered all of Egypt’s firstborn babies." "58. Numbers 31:7-34 (overall) God declares war on Midian and murders every Male including its 5 kings, kept 32,000 virgins, and then ordered Moses to execute thousands of others including mothers and babies. 59. Numbers 31:14-17 (specific) God’s army murdered every Male child and kept only the 32,000 virgin girls for themselves." "132. I Samuel 15:3 God said: Go smite Amalek, utterly destroy all that they have, spare them not; slay / murder both man and woman, babies and suckling." Source and further information: Further information:'s%20not%20pro-life.htm 2) Here the views of Christian apologetics on this argument: "In other words, the argument that I THINK someone might make about this might look like the following: 1. The biblical God CANNOT commit any unjust act (Authority: theological tradition) 2. God ordered the killing of children (Authority: biblical text) 3. The killing of children can never be a 'just' act, regardless of competing ethical demands in a given situation. (Authority: someone's personal moral intuition) 4. God, therefore , ordered an 'unjust act'. (authority: substitution of terms) 5. The ordering of an 'unjust act' is itself an 'unjust act' (authority: not sure--this is somewhat controversial in ethical theory, but I will grant it here for the purposes of illustration) 6. The biblical God, therefore, committed an unjust act. (authority: substitution of terms) 7. Therefore, the biblical God CAN commit an unjust act. (authority: from the actual to the possible) In general reply, we may note that simply stating outrage is not a sufficient form of argument. It is merely a substitute for true argument, with the intention to win over the prospective convert by means of emotional appeal. What must be done -- but I have seldom seen done -- is an analysis proving that a given action/directive by God was indeed unfair and/or cruel." "But notice the problem--the whole thing stands or falls on the accuracy of the personal moral intuition in Step 3. It there is no reason to believe it applies WITHOUT EXCEPTION, then our attempt at constructing a hard contradiction this way fails....This, of course, puts the ball back in the individual's court to do one of two things: (1) show that these exceptions do NOT hold... or (2) show that although there ARE legitimate exceptions, there could not be any valid exceptions that would be operative in our biblical case. But in any event, someone would still have much, much work to do, to be able to even offer the 'it is a contradiction' position as an argument. Without such work, this objection is simple assertion, unsubstantiated opinion (e.g, 'hunch'?), or emotional statement." Source and further information: Further information:
  • Does that make Him pro-choice?
  • Well because Christians believe He is the creator...he has the right to give and take life.
  • I think your question is over simplistic… Do not forget that He (God) also gave the life of His only Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16, out of Love for us so that whosoever would believe on Him (Jesus), would be saved. I trust God. Man has proven already what he is capable off. In Christ..
  • They're christians......usually close-minded, content with what they are told as children without questioning it type of people.
  • George you had to ask this question...??!! So much for your research huh? God made life. God rules the world. God loves everyone. God gave his son to die for us. God only kills to be justice. Likewise letting his army kill for justice. For WHAT IS RIGHT in this world!
  • If God 'murders', then so do abortionists. You can't have it both ways.
  • Name one religion that isn't treacherous.
  • why do scientologists worship aliens? because people are guilable!
  • They have been brainwashed
  • well sure not someone i would trust too hatfull and nasty are the gods and religions
  • Who the hell knows, were talking about people who have drawn the boogyman on there bedroom wall and are now to afraid to shut off the light because the boogyman will get them.
  • You do tend to be a controversial spirit don't you Lord Gorgeous George. Simple answer to your question, because the bible they read and the preachers/priests/pastors etc tell them they must, or they will burn in the flames of hell.
  • Because during the Old Testament, it was either "due or die" for the Jews.
  • Unless you do the research in those instances where children were killed you should not make comments. There were specific reasons in each case usually associated with those kingdoms or people who were evil and wicked not caring for human life especially those of the Hebrews. God removed those whom surrounded the Hebrews that would take great pleasure of killing all the Hebrews including all the women and children. One cannot compare what is done today with what was done several thousand years ago. God was protecting His own from annihilation.

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